MSNBC: 'Halo Reach' takes big steps forward

MSNBC TechWatch editor Todd Kenreck gives his thoughts on Halo: Reach's multiplayer modes.

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Jedward-3008d ago

It looks the same as halo 3 how is that steps forward? lol some people are blind or just plain in denial.

Nitrowolf23008d ago

well i wouldn't say look the same
Its def an improvement, but its not the best thing we have seen this gen (from shooters).
idk Crisis 2, KZ2, BFBC2 are some the best looking shooters this gen, would i put Halo reach up with them? well we will have to wait and see when it releases.

rhood0223008d ago

Assuming it's reviewed well by MSNBC, I wonder if Kotaku will write an article on why to not listen to a Microsoft owned website singing the praises of an exclusive title to a MS Console..

Probably not.

OT: the game looks good.