Project Natal Ricochet: avatar select, game play & gender bender video

Project Natal Ricochet avatar select menu, Game play & there is a man playing as a girl at the end of the video.

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Jedward-3002d ago

Lmao look at these clowns lool hey bots this is your future ...CLOWNS!!!

N4PS3G3002d ago

No. The future is a glowing Dildo :)

MajestieBeast3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Its been 1 year since E3 and natal isnt improving much, It took damn long for the character selection screen to work and thats in a room with almost no light, and the delay is pretty damn obvious in this video. If this is the future then bring back the past and present.

MajestieBeast3002d ago

We dont need to know you like dildos that was always pretty obvious.

The Iron Sheik3002d ago

That so called dildo is more accurate has less lag and has actually shown more than 1 game. Which is much more than I can say for Natal.

Wrathman3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

@ironed sheet

MOVE has showed more because its been around for 3 years.its called the nintendo wii.maybe you have heard of it?

ps..who the hell keeps givin you bubbles?!! your other account i guess

The Iron Sheik3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Speaking of Nintendo didn't they pass on the Natal tech just like Sony did?

"MOVE has showed more because its been around for 3 years.its called the nintendo wii.maybe you have heard of it?"

Maybe if you didn't make idiotic statements like that you would have more bubbles.

The Maxx3002d ago

Come on Iron Sheik. You know as well that MS is holding Natal close to their chest. Don't play dumb, you know MS will be showing a lot at E3. Heck they have a conference all just for Natal alone.

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whateva3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

I think they are showing off Natal in LA now.

still seem to have game play delay and the menu can use some work.

thorstein3002d ago

I sure hope they don't think that is going to be "it." Microsoft, you have some 'splainin to do!

Shadow Flare3002d ago

Haven't seen the video yet but was that rarest of natal games, 'ricochet' in the video? Cos I really want to see more of ricochet. I feel it isn't getting enough media coverage


Alcon Caper3002d ago

hope they showcase ricochet at E3. maybe a ricochet booth with ricochet babes

ClownBelt3002d ago

I haven't seen enough of ricochet, and I know most of us still wants to see more ricochet. I bet ricochet will be showed again in E3. I mean, ricochet seems to be the flagship of this new technology. lol

Bigpappy3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

I can't notice any lag. There are 2 people playing and no lag. This is getting interesting. I also notice that they selected and started the game by just pointing. Did you notice how they just moved the pointer on the screen to select the profiles for who will be playing? M$ seems to be delivering. Come on E3! 6 more weeks to go before we see what they came up with.

Redrum0593002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

this is getting very old. appearently meny devs except one dont care for this tech.

EDIT: i still see lots of lag

Chubear3002d ago Show
HolyOrangeCows3002d ago

WARNING: You're going to want to mute the video.
Who the heck picked that music?

That said, it's time for us to put a freeze on Ricochet videos.
Seriously, it's time to ban posts that are just a Ricochet video.

whateva3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

@Chubear that's me playing the boxing game from a few years ago when I was getting fat lol.

look at the name then look at the name of the person who posted the Natal video! lol

Biggest3002d ago

I haven't seen such an innovative and original game since 3D Dot Heroes. I don't know what they call it, but big red balls are definitely the biz!

R2D23002d ago

but dam the hate for NATAL is strong.

3002d ago
garos823002d ago

till tomorrow to see the news where there will be new footage of the ricochet with a new BLUE coloured balls.

Apocalypse Shadow3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

sony showed multiple games at TGS like LBP and resident evil5.

they showed multiple games at GAMESCOM on a video.

they showed multiple games at CES by showing things like eyepet.

they showed multiple games at GDC and put out the name and the final controller build.

for a company that showed their tech "SECOND",they seem to be putting out actual game demonstrations and videos "FIRST."as a ps3 fan,i knew sony would push it was just common sense without marketing and games to back up a spring launch.

but at least they are showing their tech and taking the criticism and praise to make it better like a is showing nothing and will just patch later without public and developer input at GDC.

4Sh0w3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

@MajestieBeast- I didn't see any "obvious" delay, seems no more "obvious" than the delay associated with both wii and move motion controls.

@whateva- thats stating the obvious, sure it still needs some work, its not due out until fall 2010

@Shadow Flare- so basicly you're sick of Natal Ricochet news, yet the title of this news piece begins with "Project Natal Ricochet:"; So why are you here? oh that's right, you had something interesting to say about Ricochet. I'm pretty sure microsoft will show something other than Ricochet at this little known gaming event just around the corner called E3, for some strange reason every year new products/games are revealed here; I think last year they debuted Natal itself at E3 /SARCASM. hmmm, ClownBelt, Redrum059 same comment.

@Chubear- Are you serious? #1 If you can't see that Natal is on a different level than whats shown in the video then its probably useless even responding #2 Although Ricochet surpasses whats shown in those vids, the whole interest behind Natal is NOT Ricochet type party games, its the potential of what Natal tech can bring to more hardcore experiences, starting in the fall with Fable3, which neither the Live Vision Camera, Eye Toy, PS Eye ever really made a serious attempt to do. Again the vids you showed were on par with the Live Vision Camera stuff like this for example: if you can't see any difference in potential thats fine, I disagree but either way I'd rather wait to see what microsoft will produce in late 2010 into 2011 before I pass judgement.

@R2D2- yeah the people that hate Natal the most, seem to follow Natal news the more than the folks like me who are genuinely interested in seeing if Natal will offer anything worthwhile.

@Apocalypse Shadow- Sony has shown demo's of move, Socom was nice but so far nothing has been really impressive, oh and neither has this Ricochet demo, YES the tech is cool, how it recognizes the players, minimal lag, hands free, low light= shows potential for other gaming experiences that devs like Kojima, Molyneux, Cliffy B. etc have talked about but NO the Ricochet game itself is still just your basic party stuff that you probably won't touch at home by yourself after a week like many of the wii stuff I brought my daughter. So essentially with neither company showing "impressive games" that leaves both companies in the same position. Bigpappy made a fair point, Sony is the one who announced their motion control stuff for Spring 2010, NOT microsoft, therefore you would think Sony should be further along with move, then when you also figure that microsofts direction with Natal is a lot less predictable vs move which seems to be an improvement on wii, I think logically there's a greater learning curve for Natal controlled type of motion games. Natal is not due till fall, so why the rush before E3 to show their cards, NO they want the surprise factor at E3 so I don't see why they would give that up and show anything other than Ricochet before E3. Let me ask you this question, forget about whether or not whatever they show at E3 will be good or suck, but Do you really think they will come to E3 with just a Ricochet game? lol

Bigpappy3002d ago

LBP and RE5 demos were both rush jobs. They were doing the me too thing. M$ was showing half a$$, shoe horn demos (Burnout and katamari or what -ever that is-). So Sony decided to Shoe horn also. The problem with Sony is that they were pushing this stuff out there and it ended up loosing some potential attention, because the tech was not ready. They were using a DS3 with a move in both demo's. Looking back now, you should be able to see that they were really not ready. M$ cot Sony unprepared to show what they were working on. After Natal was getting so much buzz, they needed to respond and that was the result. They were thinking that they had to get something out there by Spring because they thought M$ was further along than they were letting on.
What they are showing now with the complete set is better than what they showed with those shoe horn games. M$ knew Burnout was half-A$$, that is why they are waiting for E3. No need for the 360 fans to loose patience and at as though they have to wait for Natal to start playing great games. There are plenty games to play until Natal launch. No need for people like "Chubear" to keep crying about showing game, when M$ as give a full day and date for the showing. People like him aren't even planing to but the thing. They just want to see unfinished games so they would have something new to complain about.

Greywulf3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

The difference is that Move & Wii actually has game applications up and running. You can pretend the Move isn't impressive, but then I know full well you're not impressed by Natal, so I dont even have to ask.

Natal has won invention of the year awards, innovation awards, and so much other hype yet its shown absolutely nothing besides a ricochet demo. Great, be innovative. But what about games? There are none to show. On a gaming site, games matter.

When Bungie said they wont be doing Natal for Reach, 100% of the 360 community on this site/gamespot/neogaf said "GOOD WE DONT WANT BODY CONTROLS FOR FPS GAMES ANYWAY!" which was a giant contrast from all the E3 hype with natal and everyone pretending how amazing it was going to be to fight the covenant with your bare hands. Now theres talk of scanning in plates and brooms to use as guns? Even then, the buttons?

I hate how people are so harsh on the Wii & Move yet overlook the fact that its a smoke and mirror show with Natal. Sure we can speculate about what Microsoft is going to do at E3, but why bother? We all know what the limitations of controless motion versus having buttons is. Anything Natal/Full Body is going to be swatting at targets/hit boxes/active areas on a screen. Thats literally the extent of it, and thats what has already been done by every webcam game in the world.

Despite natals technology, when you factor in a GAME that relies on user input, there is only so much to do to get user input. Thats why we dont have 10000 buttons, as Atari found out. YOu only need so many to work the basic mechanics of gaming.

I'll be the first one laughing off of my sanity when E3 rolls around and all we have is people flailing their arms at a screen for short 2 minute bursts. All MS can do is announce partnerships that Sony already has, and is already showing Demos of right now, including Wii titles that were excluded from Natal (wonder why).

MS isn't smart. They copy then repeat. The only big shocks is copying Sony Franchises, and "stealing" games. Sony covers 3 consoles at E3, and shows exclusive content. And is pinned for losing since they didn't bribe Epic for a gears spin off.


4Sh0w3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

"4show, why not? They did last e3?"
lol, and they will this E3.

"Natal is Garbage, as is Move and Wii."
Well, that's your opinion, I disagree but why does it seem YOU are trying to force your opinion down my throat?

"But what about games? There are none to show."
So now you work behind the scenes for microsoft/Project Natal development? Wow, but really theres no need to wonder or speculate, my majic 8-ball says microsoft won't show anything but Ricochet before E3 and there's no doubt they are not hosting a seperate E3 event for Natal just to show off a Ricochet game.

Listen you mistake me for someone who thinks Natal is Gods Gift to Gaming, nah I just think it would be cool to execute a few ideas I have with the use of a standard controller and Natal in a game like Gears, thats all; You hope that, that never happens, I hope that it does. It's that simple really, I see move and Natal just as a added feature that could possibly make games a bit more immersive, which is why I don't understand why any gamer would be totally against hoping devs can achieve something great with motion controls, but even with all the amazing success of the wii as an example, dev's are still going to continue to deliver amazing hardcore games with traditional controls, so WHY THE FEAR?, theres NOTHING to suggest its a threat to traditional control scheme for games, so why bother the folks who are interested in other options with your constant negativity. lol, the worst thing that could happen is that move, Natal, motion controls all flop hard and then my Natal ends up collecting dust like my wii does. I'll simply just continue playing ALL the great games that I have now, yet I won't regret buying Natal, because although the wii collects dust the majority of time in my house, wii-sports alone has delivered me, my daughter, family and friends some priceless fun together, I just don't love it enough to play a daily round of wii-boxing by myself. My 360 and ps3 are my main sources of gaming entertainment but my family won't touch them, which is fine, *IF Natal or move happen to bring something new to the table for us all then thats even better. You laugh, I game.

Why so critical of microsoft there at the end of your post?, "MS isn't smart. They copy then repeat", what does "stealing games" really? and what does bribing Epic have to do with this thread? lol, I don't know where this came from on this topic but ALL these company's have faults. None of them love their customers, they care about money but its just in a fanboys nature to only see the good in the company he prefers and the bad in the one he doesnt.

sid4gamerfreak3002d ago

oh come on im sick of these videos. Show me a new game for natal, please...

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Myst3002d ago

At the end I was waiting for someone to kick the TV...:p.

Dnied3002d ago

I'm glad they're showing a variety of different games..

In all seriousness though, I can see how this will appeal to the casual market... but that's about it. While enjoying this technology with a few buddies and some brews seems realistic, playing seriously in my "game room" (small at that) seems very far fetched.

BYE3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Wow this looks so much fun!

No way this is gonna be a failure... *cough* *cough*

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