GameZone: UFC Undisputed 2010 Preview

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski writes,

"The cage control is one of many things that THQ has up its sleeve for UFC Undisputed 2010. If a fighter is dazed, they can potentially lean against the cage to keep the fight standing. It's within this stance that returning fans may find that cage control could lead to fighting against tougher competition as the player in the fazed (grayed out screen) stance is prone to damage as if they were lying on the ground. So while the cage is there for a safety net, it's also a brutal tool in aiding one player to get the fight to the ground or using Muay Thai."

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jzungre3033d ago

I love the UFC. Its exciting to hear that the fighters aren't carbon copies of each other this time around and will fight like their real life counterparts.

athmaus3033d ago

yeah it does look nice though

athmaus3033d ago

im not a fan of this game at all -_-

I find the fighting to be to slow for my tastes..

mistermostyn3033d ago

I cam down on the side of Fight Night 4 last time around. If the animation has really been improved on the new UFC, I'd be willing to bloody my knuckles.

kimvidard3033d ago

I'm really looking forward to that one. And the competition with EA's MMA could keep things fresh year after year

Kyrwolf3033d ago

Competition always makes for better products, I think. Need someone to push the dev team. That's why the Madden franchise - essentially without competition - has been stuck in a rut with minor changes over the years. It simply has no one to compete with.

H1ppyDave3033d ago

It sure does look like a WWE game to me....

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