Nintendo 64 is now a Handheld

A modder going by the name of Bacteria has finished up his 4 month project of turning a Nintendo 64 into a handheld console. Not only that but it's something everyone can do with some time and patience!

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wollie3008d ago

this is cool, do want.

PoSTedUP3007d ago

like the man said in the Open Zone ---->

MUCH RESPECT. thats what i like to hear. the guy deserves it, this is brilliant.

would it kick the psp's ass? i dunno, im really enjoying Granturismo and socom ftb3 at the moment. N64 portable would have to come hard. finally a good goldeneye? portable!? oh it would sell trillions!

monkey nuts3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

nintendo has already shrunk the n64 into a handheld, its called the ds. This looks better though.

Apocalypse Shadow3007d ago (Edited 3007d ago )

but it's cool when someone does it and you can still use your current cartridges and cds.instead of having to rebuy the same stuff you already got.

you edited your comment.but yes,nintendo takes the same tech and repackages it into a new way of playing the same thing.

FragGen3007d ago

I'll pass on defiling my precious original consoles. Emulators, FTW.

Alvadr3007d ago

How would 4 player Goldeneye work?

Seriously though, he did an awesome job with this. Would love one of those.

Apocalypse Shadow3007d ago


somebody get on that dreamcast handheld stat.

playstation_clan3007d ago

looks nice, n64 kicked ass, much respect

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