Heavenly Sword Extended E3 Trailer

Take an extended look of Heavenly Sword in action. Some new gameplay included.

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Babylonian3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

This game is looking pretty good.


@Dipsh!t below
Dude, your weak and probably insecure for trying to be a "sony fan". Were do I begin. At least the PS3 has a wide variaty of games while you mostly have FPS or just shooters for that matter.

And still you want all these games to come to the 360? Well I only have this to say to you 'Ring of Death'. Great isn't it, pathetic little creature. Now run along play your shooters before your Xbox craps out on you.

sony fan3971d ago

This New Ninja gaiden is awesome!! No wait, my bad this is GOd of WAR. OOOPPSS, I got it wrong again, I mean heavenly sword, yea thats the one. All these repetetive hack and slash clones get me confused. Go Sony.

THC PRITCHARD3971d ago (Edited 3971d ago )

This vs Ninja Gaiden

Hmm well i should not compare cause i like the look of them both

I think this looks like u have more freedom and Ng is just Hardcore Skill

boi3971d ago

Ng as in Ninja Gaiden?

anyway noway because no jumps lol oh and other elements aswell

ArduousAndy3971d ago

but it sure does look good. to bad its exclusive i wont be able to play it on my 360.

Snake_Doctor3971d ago

GOW was awesome, GOW + Hottie fighting = Game sold in my book

boi3971d ago

well u should get and ps3 too then u can play both console exclusives :D

I mean we are in a gen where all consoles have their own good exclusives

well Ps3 did need something as good as a clone of GoW on the next gen