GameZone: Super Street Fighter IV Review

GameZone's Dakota Grabowski writes,

"Street Fighter IV was a marvelous fighter and Super Street Fighter IV only furthers that notion with excellent additions that provide a whole new life to the series that has come full circle with Capcom's brilliant revival."

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tokoshix3037d ago

Good thing I didn't buy the original Street Fighter 4! Hehe. Though I did play it quite a bit.

AlexC3036d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing!

barefootgamer3037d ago

I haven't played a Street Fighter game since before that lousy Jeanne Claud Van Dam movie came out. I'm old. :(

Nakerman3037d ago

I've got my tournament stick at the ready, can't wait.

Maximum Yuks3037d ago

Wasn't sure at first since I already have SFIV, but I might pick this one up now since it sounds awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.