New Halo: Reach Gameplay & Beta Information

Xbox Evolved:

"Solo Campaign, four multiplayer maps, 6 on 6 gametypes and much more. "

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AridSpider2948d ago

I know right - can hardly wait

ProA0072948d ago

My copy of ODST is just starring me down

Ghostsmoker2948d ago

and we finally can play the game. A BETA never got me that crazy.

Blaze9292948d ago

I know right. When they shut it down it'll be chaos.

Ghostsmoker2948d ago

They made so many improvements ... not only technically.

deadreckoning6662948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

OMG..looks incredible.

iFLOWLIKEWATER2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

FYI: Anyone wanting to get in earlier than others...

IGN...finally useful for something. It this holds true...

Blaze9292948d ago

Nice find! Anyone know if ODST will still be needed if we use a download code for the beta?

Projekt7tuning2948d ago

She's ah looking good. Day one for sure. Im sure this will let me alienate my wife for a good week or so. LOL. God help her when Gears 3 and GT5 come out. Im just glad I was smart enough to get a prenuptial agreement. HEHE

Almost forgot Allen Wake too.

I guess I should Try being a super husband for now so I can get away with it latter.

jwatt2948d ago

Wait can I rent ODST or do I have to buy it to play the beta?

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AridSpider2948d ago

nice...wonder if they actually plan to have part of the single player in it.

BeaArthur2948d ago

Just whats mentioned in the video. 4 maps, 3 new game modes and a few old game modes.

ProA0072948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Single Player huh? If that's the case then this was probably real:

JasonXE2948d ago

Hmm...looks real to me. I see why not

Blaze9292948d ago

That looks pretty legit. I actually remember seeing that story about murder mode. Probably isn't called that anymore...dunno

BeaArthur2948d ago

I think that was confirmed to be fake or at least not part of the beta awhile ago. I mean come on he covers the camera right as we're about to see some actual gameplay.

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JasonXE2948d ago

Looks like fun. Kind of let down by invasion though. 6 on 6? Seemed like it was a lot bigger and a lot more. Like Big Team Battle? Last I check big team battle was up to 16 players. 24 hopefully is what this game supports when it ships

Blaze9292948d ago

same here. 6 on 6 for what I thought would be huge battles for Invasion is pretty lame.

Ghostsmoker2948d ago

6 vs. 6 isn't really invasion.

Xi2948d ago

I guess it depends on how the pace of the game.

I do agree though, really wish we'd have up to 12v12 at some point, especially now that bungie's new engine can handle up to 40 AI characters, 24 human ones shouldn't be that hard.

Blaze9292948d ago

Exactly. When I think invasion, 6 on 6 is 'not' that...

BeaArthur2948d ago

You're all forgetting that they may add more in the final version and that this is just a beta. Besides they will probably still have big team battle but they may have felt that 6 on 6 was the best for this game mode. Invasion won't only be played on Bone Yard (in the final version) so you don't want to have teams of 8 on 8 and then put it on a smaller map and it's a giant cluster.

AridSpider2948d ago

Well you would think they'd want to do that in the beta then to see how many players they can do and how well it runs instead of starting small then going big in the retail version to find out it doesnt work too well.

ASSASSYN 36o2948d ago

You obviously didn't play or just don't remember halo 3 beta started with 6 on 6 big team and later it was bumped to 8 on 8.

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