ModNation Racers Artist Spotlights: Sucker Punch rebuilds Empire City

Greetings all and Merry ModNation Monday,

Just like the past two weeks, we're kicking the week off with a new Artist Spotlight video. Last week we had the mind behind Twisted Metal and God of War, David Jaffe, give us his uncensored opinion about making games and his thoughts on ModNation Racers (okay, it was kinda censored). If you visited GameSpot at all last week, then you might have learned that we handed a copy of the game to the talented folks at Sucker Punch Productions to see what they could do with the ModNation creation tools.

So what happens when the crew responsible for the PS2 classic Sly Cooper franchise and the recent PS3 hit inFAMOUS decide to have some fun in ModNation?

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yoghurt2949d ago

Just watched this - just shows how much customization you can actually do in the right hands - really good stuff.

Having played the beta, it really is mario kart pick up and play fun, with what will become millions of tracks and that extra depth if you want to build etc

-Alpha2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

It's Mario Kart on Sony Steroids.

Beta was fun, but I'm swamped. Red Dead Redemption is #1 for my summer game. I want MDR solely for split screen. Local play is severely underrated & forgotten this generation.

I would LOVE if Sony made a Power Stone/SSB type of Play. Create. Fight. game next.

Skyreno2949d ago

AWESOME VIDEO , i will love to play infamous track, oohhhhhh im so estatic for this game :) Day one Purchase HE%% Yeah

spunnups2949d ago

Apparently those are all in game tools, No development tools whatsoever. Who would have thought Empire City in Modnation could look oh so close to the original? Can't wait to see what the community does with this game.

NateNater2949d ago

I can picture a lot of people recreating old Mario Kart levels in this game.

I'd like to see some God of War or Ratchet and Clank themed tracks. If they can do inFamous, they can recreate these worlds too.

The possibilities are endless!