These Are the Books That Made Hideo Kojima

Andriasang: As part of a promotion for Metal Gear Solid 4, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima shared his film picks with retailer Tsutaya. For Peace Walker, Konami is holding a similar promotion, only with a different media.

As detailed at the Kojima Productions blog, publisher Hayakawa Shobou will hold the "The Hayawaka Books That Made Hideo Kojima Fair" from April 30. Six Hayakawa-published books that Hideo Kojima has selected will be fitted with a Peace Walker slip cover. These will be sold at book shops nationwide, providing some potential exposure for this week's big PSP release.

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Kratos Spartan2855d ago

I knew he wasn't human. He must scoff at having to walk amongst mortals.


Giant_Chibi2855d ago

There was an old interview where the interviewer asked Kojima, why did snake hide in a box.

Kojima said that he was inspired by the book, the box man. I actually bought the book off of amazon and it was a pretty good read.