Top Five Reasons To Restart A Game

Brittany "Molotov Cupcake" of Spawn Kill writes:

"The power button on a console is a beautiful thing. Ready to get out of your game? Get up and hit that button. And really, you don't even have to do that. All three of our current systems allow you to unplug from the Matrix from the comfort of your couch. But of course, you might want to shut that baby down for other, more…dire reasons. Reasons like starting a brand new game. And that's okay! Sometimes you just need a fresh start. There's nothing wrong with that. But what compels us to begin from a blank slate? Here are the top five reasons I've found that inspire us to put our current game to pasture and start anew!"

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tigresa3033d ago

Letting people down in a quest... /Restart u_u
Getting crappy items in a super rare random loot drop... /Restart

K-Tuck3033d ago

I think I restart most when its just a really good game.

rrquinta3033d ago

I tend to restart because I stopped playing and it's been so long it's just better to start from the beginning than try to pick up where I left off...