The Three Best Netflix HD Streaming Devices

Dick Ward writes: "This is a hands down win. While both the Wii and PS3 offer Netflix as a streaming option, neither matches up to the quality of the Xbox 360. To start with, the 360 has the best Netflix interface there is, aside from using your PC. It's slick looking, it's fast and intuitive, and it's got some basic features that the others don't."

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Parapraxis2918d ago

"The PS3 at least for now, requires a disc for Netflix viewing, which is inconvenient. Sony says that the PS3 will get disc-free streaming in the near future, which would make it a much better option, if not the best. The biggest downside to using a 360 for Netflix is that in addition to the $8.99 (minimum) you’re shelling out to Netflix every month, you’ve got to be an Xbox Live subscriber, at $5 a month. Add that up and it’s an extra $60 a year."

hmm, I think the "inconvenience" of using a disc easily trumps all those fees.

Apocalypse Shadow2918d ago

PAYING for access is better than getting access for FREE.

same movies
same quality

but paying for the same function is watch is cool.but most of the time,i watch movies with others that are near.and who talks while watching a movie?i want others to shut it while i'm viewing.

ukilnme2918d ago

In this case free is better but who's paying $60 for Xbox Live? I no longer have Xbox Live because PSN gets the basics done for free but with a little research, you can find deals for the definitive online gaming service which is Xbox Live.

kaveti66162918d ago

I don't know how the Netflix experience holds up on PS3, but my experience with Netflix on 360 is terrible. My friend and I were watching Arrested Development (great show, btw) on his 360 using Netflix, and it was streaming, and every time there was a change in bandwidth the video skipped a few seconds and I missed crucial points of dialogue. It was very annoying. I asked, "Why doesn't Netflix just pause and buffer when this happens?" My friend says Netflix streaming doesn't work that way.

Godmars2902918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Thought the PS3 streaming offered more HD streaming?


HolyOrangeCows2918d ago

Oh no! Not a disc!
I'd much rather pay $50 a year to have the privilege to pay for Netflix!

CellularDivision2918d ago

"Oh no, not a disk"

Wasn't Xbox bashed for FF13 being multi disk?

HolyOrangeCows2918d ago

Was I apart of that group? No, I was a bit more concerned about the lower resolution and lower video quality.

2918d ago
CellularDivision2918d ago


Ive never accused you of being part of that group. Defensive much?

soxfan20052918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

If you are already an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you don't have to pay again for Netflix.

Some people act like Netflix requires a separate Gold subscription (look @1.6).

Gold subscribers already pay to play the games - Netflix is just a bonus.

Kratos Spartan2918d ago

then what's your point of bringing that up?

Anon19742918d ago

I'm sure Netflix is great and all, but it sucks they haven't brought it out anywhere.

Mind you, downloading Blu-Ray rips in 1080p with DTS from my PC and watching them on my PS3 hasn't let me down yet.

Just a quick note, if you made these services available in Canada, maybe it wouldn't be such a pirate's haven. I'd pay for these services if I could get them, but they simply aren't available here. Hell, we just got HBO last year.

AAACE52918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I can't speak for the Ps3 or Wii versions, but I like the way Netflix works on the 360. And like the article said, the interface is good. It only takes me about 5-10 seconds for the movie to start up and I never run into any problems.

One of my buddies is a PC nut and keeps trying to make it seem like consoles are worthless and significantly less powerful than PC's (yes, even when I showed him the Ps3 he still tried to down play it) so I showed him netflix on 360. He was shocked by how fast it loaded and didn't have to stop and keep buffering. He still wouldn't believe, so he asked me to skip scenes (hoping it would run into a block that made it have to keep loading. That didn't work either, I was able to skip scenes and let them play or whatever. He knew I won, but still refused to acknowledge it!

@Drummer... Most people who own a 360 or plan on buying a 360 already have their plan for hooking up online, so your point is invalid. I pay for a year of XBL, so once that's done, I don't think about it. We all pay for interner, so that figure shouldn't be allowed into the equation. All that's left is me paying $9 a month for netflix.

With my $9, I choose movies to be delivered to me, I set up my own instant que and I can watch movies on PC or 360 at any time. So tell me again... How is that bad???

HolyOrangeCows2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Only about half of Xbox owners are gold members.
You don't think any of them want to use Netflix and not play online?

Netflix is just "A bonus"? That's like going into a store and not being able to buy a DVD/Blu-ray/etc player without buying a TV on the same receipt. Would the DVD player just be "A bonus" despite paying for it along with something you didn't want to purchase?

JasonPC360PS3Wii2918d ago

PS3 fans always like to add more like gamers are really stupid enough not to see Live is $50 wherever 360's are sold. As for Netflix I like being able to have a game in the tray ready to play or on the HDD so I can switch between when ever I want. I have like 9 games on my HDD with about 30 arcade games and I can just launch or play a movie with my guide button. I often just launch right into a movie or game while cross chatting with friends playing games or invite them to watch the same movie.

ReservoirDog3162918d ago

I don't know how people can find it inconvenient to put a disk in to watch a movie. It's what we've been doing for years.

Just got netflix actually (just got the hurt locker today, hmm). Really good. Loving it on my PS3 and Wii (PS3 for me, Wii for family).

It has a lot of akira kurasawa's movies. See them everyone!

Hill_billy2917d ago

I didn't use my Xbox for Netflix. I am one of the unlucky guys who has an Xbox 360 that sounds like a jet engine taking off from my entertainment center when I turn it on. I am also an audiophile and the extra noise tends to bother me when I am watching movies. I use the PS3 due to how quiet the console is. That is not to say that I would never use my 360 but since I two options, I simply chose the one that is quieter for me.

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Demons Souls2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

NetfliXbox 360

Original title was "High-Def Digest Calls Xbox 360 Best Netflix Streaming Device" just in case people see this when it gets changed to the REAL title in the article.

NateNater2918d ago

Someone from the comments section on the article site said "360 offers one thing the PS3 can’t touch right now. You can host a party with up to seven friends and vocie chat while all watching the same movie."

This feature just sounds annoying. Why would I want people chatting with me when I'm trying to enjoy a movie?

Another point about Netflix on 360 is the cost of just using the internet alone. As stated in the article, you have to pay an extra $60. I'd rather put a disc in instead of pay $60. Furthermore, you have to pay for a wireless adapter if you don't want to use an ethernet cable. There goes another $100 down the drain.

Sure the Netflix 360 interface might be a little bit more smooth than the competition, but I think PS3 is obviously the best option.

Mr Logic2918d ago

While you may not like it, it is still considered a "feature". I am amazed at how far technology has separated humans from each other though. I personally would much rather have 7 real friends come over and watch a movie together rather than voice chat.

MastermindPS3602918d ago

omg 60$ a year!!! gosh that is so much money....


ClownBelt2918d ago

That could buy me three old games.

Mr Logic2918d ago

Yes, but if you have a 360 you can get all of your games for free.

Godmars2902918d ago

And only at the extreme risk of being locked up in a small ten by ten room with 2-3 guys who will be referring to you as "My B*tch" for 5-10 years...

That or having to buy another console.

Mr Logic2918d ago

I wasn't in any way condoning it. You must understand that millions of people pirate and only a very small piece of them get arrested and those are usually the ones that distribute. So take your scary stories somewhere else.

HolyOrangeCows2918d ago

I'd rather buy a game than the "privilege" to play on P2P servers.

(Yes, I am aware that PSN doesn't have ALL dedicated servers but a lot of the 1st/2nd party games DO, unlike on LIVE)

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CobraKai2918d ago

Is there Dolby Digital sound when streaming, or just Pro Logic?

NegativeCreepWA2918d ago

Just Pro logic and it bugs the hell out of me.

mindedone2918d ago

are movies that wouldn't benefit from higher fidelity, i.e. comedies

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