Super Mario World hard drive stores 500 GB of fun files

GamesRadar: Impractical? Maybe. Overpriced? Definitely. But this new Super Mario World hard drive from 8BitMemory looks amazing. For $149.99, you can get a 500 GB Toshiba external hard drive encased in a classic Super Mario World SNES cartridge chassis.

If you're not a big Super Mario World fan, the retailer takes custom orders, and takes special game requests for external NES and SNES game cartridge hard drives. If you need a little more or less storage space, you can also order 320 GB and 540 GB hard drives.

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Ocelot5252859d ago

the capitalist pigs will always find some ways to sell their useless products to the proletariat

eagle212859d ago

Cool idea, can I have a Super Metroid one please? :)

NIN642858d ago

The thought of desecrating a Super Metroid cart makes me feel ill. . .

eagle212858d ago

Well don't blame me. I was just giving props to Super Metroid. :)

mikepmcc2858d ago

They say that they offer custom orders...I could think of a few I'd want lol.

DlocDaBudSmoka2858d ago

products ive seen here on n4g. even tho it is pointless. still cool regardless.