TLR: Splinter Cell: Conviction Video Review

TLR Writes "Splinter Cell: Conviction shakes up the stealth action genre by incorporating new techniques never seen in a game before. Are these new features just gimmicks or is it something more?"

Also TLR attends the Adult Swim Block Party and gets their hands on Super Street Fighter 4, Dead Rising 2 And Lost Planet 2

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The real Colombian2978d ago

Good review,that capcom event looks like it was tight as [email protected]<!
I do agree that they should have kept the spy vs merc mode.

bacrec12978d ago

Agreed, Especially after the fact that Chaos Theory is out of commission.

clarkjudo2978d ago

Minus the use of Mark and Execute (used a little bit tho at times). I got nearly 10 hours of play on the single player campaign.
SPY VS MERC mode ... I am not sure if that is possible with the mark and execute option. It might have come down to issues with the mechanics. Maybe minus this option, it would work.
Some of these developers should had put out a pole to the public. To see what would be desired before making changes. When it comes to trade mark franchises like Splinter Cell. Some ended up wetting their Splinter Cell Suits. But I kept dry ... M for mature.
I am very satisfied with this rather addictive game. Maybe not the choice of having AI Bipolar-Cussbots for thugs. Would have been better and more realistic. I have fixed that annoyance by playing in French or Dutch (console settings).

bacrec12978d ago

I may have to try that, because sometimes the talking can get old.

TrailerParkSupervisr2978d ago

I might just have to break down and pick it up for PC. I was really trying to boycott it due to the gutting it received but it actually looks pretty cool. Just really used the crap out of sticky cams, airfoils and whatnot in the prior games...oh well, something to hold me over until Red Dead comes out.