The World Ends with Final Fantasy XIII

Sinan Kubba writes in his Very British Gamer column for TheGameReviews on Final Fantasy XIII and how he didn't connect with its world, comparing it to games he did connect with like Final Fantasy X, The World Ends with You, and Assassin's Creed II.

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Haly2886d ago

The more I read about The World Ends With You, the more I realise that I really need to play it.

shoinan2886d ago

Not enough people have played it.

Redempteur2886d ago

finished it , not at 100% because it required too much time ..but you should play it for the sound track alone , and the world , and the references , and for the gameplay too ...well JUST PLAY the game

The Great Melon2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

All I can say is if you start it don't stop playing it because you'll have a heck of time trying to get back into the game. I had read all the the help menus again (there are a lot) because I forgot half of the stuff and I still think I am missing some key information.

MMFGaming2886d ago

Definitely worth picking up.

italianbreadman2886d ago

Yeah, I feel like it's a must-play from all the praise I've heard.

iamtehpwn2886d ago

While Gran Pulse felt living in the sense of nature, both felt like they felt absent of human life.

SlamVanderhuge2886d ago

Loved the world in TWEWY. I really connected with its hectic, yet thoroughly unique city, and all of the awesome characters contained within.

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cain1412886d ago

I never got absorbed into this final fantasy

Clumzyagent2886d ago

I really need to finish TWEWY and FFXIII.

BetaChris2886d ago

My main issue with Final Fantasy XIII is not necessarily the changes SquareEnix made to the world dynamic, so much as it is the fact that it almost feels like the game itself has been dumbed down, somewhat. Why have MP been removed? Why the new linear presententation? Why the lack of complex minigames?

The official answer, of course, is that SquareEnix was trying to reinvent Final Fantasy, ultimately making it more accessible. That said, I pose the following question - why tamper with an already winning formula?

Tzuno2886d ago

Because they are fcking retards that's why.

ShinGundam2886d ago

The removal of MP because they want you to use all magics ,In regular
FF system you will end up using attack and limit breaks because the magic are useless. FF 13 has a better system but when it come to Quests
and world you need to wait till 3rd disk which is disappointing.

catguykyou2886d ago

For a failure, it sure did beat every other FF game in terms of sales. I think they consider it a success.

Redrum0592886d ago

so that it can fit in 3 6gb dvds, a game that originally sapposed to fill up one 50gb bluray disk. thats why

BeaArthur2886d ago

Redrum059...the game was well into development before the 360 version was announced. Stop trying to use the 360 as a scapegoat. They changed it and you don't like it, it's as simple as that.

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The story is too old to be commented.