Record of Agarest War Totals 10GB PSN Download

Aksys is about unleash war on the PS3 and Xbox 360, but the war may take a little while longer to begin on the PS3 than it will if you wage it on the Xbox 360. If you happen to own an Xbox 360 and plan to purchase Record of Agarest War, then you have the luxury of purchasing a retail copy and starting the game the traditional way. PS3 owners won't have that option available to them, but they will have the ability to purchase the game via PSN and download it right to their PS3 for safe storage. If you plan to buy it from the PSN Store this week, be prepared for a lengthy download and huge file size.

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Blaster_Master3034d ago

wow, im gonna cry now. lol! Cmon where is the real news? I guess im gonna have to wait till E3?

AAACE53034d ago

Not trying to bash the Ps3, but just downloading anything over 1 Gb on either system takes a long time, but 10 Gb's? One feature I like about downloading on 360 is being able to turn it off and have it still download in low power mode. You have to leave the Ps3 on the whole time and then you have to wait longer to install it!

It looks like they are slowly forcing us to do the digital download thing. This for the Ps3 and MS has several games coming out this summer that are download only... I'm starting to think the next gen will suck after this one! They might really release a console with just a 1 Tb HDD and you have to download everything!

I don't want that and you shouldn't either!

bruddahmanmatt3034d ago

This is a wake up call for folks who insist that Blu-ray is worthless and DD is the future. Even a 500GB drive has to run out of space sooner or later.

heroicjanitor3034d ago

That would take me a good 2.5 hours to download...

Redempteur3034d ago


you can star a download and ... tell your ps3 you want to finish it and install it while you're not using it ...

the console will take the game,install it , and then turn off .. automaticaly ...

so what's the real problem ? because i don't see one ...

And if you want to play you can pause it and resume afterwards ..

i won't take this game because i already have the disc version but this is nothing ..what's the problem ???

MTEC83034d ago

Why is the PS3 download only? I would of liked add this to my PHYSICAL game collection!

FragGen3033d ago

Thanks for the heads up I'll be sure to continue ignoring this game.

GodsHand3033d ago

There was an article saying something like the cost to put a game on a Blu-ray disk. So to avoid the fee, they are making this game only a d/l version to PS3 owners, pretty lame IMO. I never heard of this game, and most likely will not get it, until I play a demo, and like it.

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sloth33953034d ago

whats the game about because i never heard of it

MattyF3034d ago

It's a strategy RPG that takes place during different generations of time. So you jump forward from different time periods and fight in wars. It is all done in the grid-based battle system like most Idea Factory titles.

OGharryjoysticks3034d ago

and the download better be a lot cheaper since the 360 version has novelty items packed along with it.

MattyF3034d ago

Should be $40 on PSN.

Godmars2903034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

Supposedly there's security software tag on making it a larger file. think its only a 6-7GB game.

You'd think some of that would be compressed.

And it should be a $30 download.

Vicophine3034d ago

320GB HDD says "Bring it on!" :3

Hellsvacancy3034d ago (Edited 3034d ago )

500GB HDD says "NO WAY" :-P

Not my sorta game, and if it was i doubt id wanna dl 10gbs of data, i thought MS wanted 2-go the Digital Distribution route anyway?

Myst3034d ago

This is going to be one hell of a download if I do decide to purchase it...

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The story is too old to be commented.