Splinter Cell: Conviction Review (Gamer Euphoria)

After years of delays and a complete redesign Splinter Cell: Conviction has hit store shelves worldwide but is it worth the wait?

Conviction picks up 3 years after the events of Double Agent and centres on Sam Fishers daughters' murder. Fisher finds himself detached from his former employer Third Echelon as he enters into a revenge story to find out the truth behind his daughters murder as well as extracting revenge on the people behind it.

The story may come off sounding something like a direct to DVD action feature but don't be fooled, in classic Splinter Cell fashion the story takes more twists and turns than a slinky heading down a rather large fleet of steps. The story is carried along by former Navy SEAL Victor Coste being interrogated by an unidentified group, in this interrogation Coste begins to explain the events of the story in past tense and with each event the game starts a new mission. The flash back style story telling may seem a bit of cliché but Conviction manages to carry it off very well with a sense of slick yet gritty attitude about it. The story sees Sam visit a number of locations which keeps the game feeling fresh and never repeated.

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