Banjo Kazooie confirmed for 2008 release

The big game that was missing at Microsoft's E3 press conference was off course Banjo Kazooie from Rare. Rumors surfaced before the E3 had started that Microsoft was going to show the game for the first time but after the press conference finished, we heard nothing new and saw nothing new from Banjo Kazooie.

Logical explanation for not showing the game would be that the game has been delayed. Peter Moore today confirmed this in an interview with Eurogamer. Banjo Kazooie will join Too Human, Fable 2, Alan Wake and Halo Wars as Microsoft's first-party line-up for 2008. Maybe Microsoft will finally show the game at X07 late september?

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AnDy FrOm MiAmi4028d ago

I was extremely impress with sony iam jumping out of the crashing plane and into sony, my xbox 360 broke twice!

Columbo4028d ago (Edited 4028d ago )

Thank you for your comment. However, it has absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

On topic, this game should be fun. I can't wait!

sony fan4028d ago

Has anyone posted that there was an awesome trailer for this game on xbox live as part of the E3 suff?

PT Fone Home4028d ago

Can't wait for this game, played the original on the N64 and it was top notch.

Dlacy13g4028d ago

Umm....When was Banjo ever set for release date? About the only game I know that was said on that list to be coming 2007 was Too Human, however with such a strong lineup for 2007 already I think they are holding this back for early 2008. There was a long trailer for Too Human (really more of a cut scene from the game) released on to Xbox Live yesterday....Game is looking very solid!

Anyway...I am very much looking forward to Banjo.

calderra4028d ago

When are Killzone, MGS, and FF13 coming out on PS3?
Microsoft is still shipping Halo 3, Mass Effect, and Bioshock this year.

PS360PCROCKS4028d ago

calderra I am a 360 fan (have a ps3) but love my 360 why did you bring up that ps3 nonsense? and I just mean lately everything seems to be getting pushed back, delayed, timed exclusive

Salvadore4028d ago

If this game is scheduled for 08, why didn't they show it a their Pressconference.

calderra4028d ago

Microsoft only showed games (aside from RE5) slated to ship before the end of this year. This game didn't show... *gasp*... because it's not shipping in '07.

Round and round in circles we go...

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