New PS3 sports 40nm RSX, not 45nm


"Just a little update to our previous story on the revised PlayStation 3 Slim. The updated console, which weighs 200 grammes less than the previous Slim model, achieved many of its extra slimming due to a reduction in the size of its graphics chip.

The RSX graphics processer saw a shrinkage from its previous 65 nano-meters to what we originally reported to be a svelt 45nm. Sony has actually taken the shrinkage a little further."

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Kain813033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

Psplife said on Twitter

I know we don't deal with PS3 news but I've heard that a 32nm Cell will be ready this year. So PS3 "super slim" could be out this year.

techie3033d ago

Yep - should be coming by 2011.

ProjectVulcan3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

RSX is the single most expensive chip in PS3 to manufacture, so this is good news. Its also the most power hungry. This shrink puts PS3 under full load at less than 90 watts- PS3's cooling has always seemed to have plenty of wiggle room, but now it only has to dissipate a mere 85w or so that will reduce in cost too. That also means it uses 25 percent less power than even a jasper 360. Sony have shrunk Ps3 quickly and efficiently. Good stuff.

gtamike1233033d ago

Smart people at Sony they know how to make good Hardware, and they do more then just make consoles.

EvilBlackCat3033d ago

that will be stupid because that will hold some sales September-october

but hey

then all this ps3 fans with old Ps3 already will trade their old black ps3 for those and then fanboys in this site will start posting comments like "ooohhh the New Ps3 slim is selling more" and "aaaaahhh PS3 is taking ooofffff!!!"

Just stupid that is the reason why i dont believe this console wars and i just found it freaking stupid because i remember that i trade my PS2 like 3 times always looking for the new one STUPID iguess i help Sony sell more consoles back then... 3 times different playstation 2

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ATLGAMER3033d ago

ps3 would be on top even the end of this year they will surpass the xbox 360

techie3033d ago

Be nice if they could actually make some money off of it first!

nycredude3033d ago

How is that even relevant to us gamers? Sony is making their money on software and bluray so they don't need to make much on the hardware.

techie3033d ago

It matters to us gamers because it would be good if the company would stop losing money and ensure its continuing in future.

PirateThom3033d ago

Yeah, I'd like them to make money to make a point that going insane with hardware will pay off rather than, as Sony stated, "incremental upgrades".

Unless, next gen, you want PS3 and 360 again.

thehitman3033d ago

your source that they are not making money off it?? If no source stfu...

Hill_billy3033d ago

Historically speaking, Sony has lost money on all of their console within the first few years so them losing money ont he PS3 is no big surprise. And as you can see, despite them losing money in the past, they are still around.

Ven10003033d ago

because the PS3 Slim as of Sep 2009 costs Sony $318 to make. Granted the 120GB is $300 but the 250GB is $350 so the cost is pretty much offset and they're breaking even pretty much.

gtamike1233033d ago

They make alot of money on PSN Store :)
(spend money to make money)

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Dylantalon13033d ago

ps3 is the future and the future is ps3

monkey nuts3033d ago

Well in that case the futures history then eh. One thing I know from my revised 80g vs my launch 60g: smaller translates to less heat translates to less noise translates to zen atmosphere evey time the tre is a rockin.

ps the talon stands for talented :)

techie3033d ago

This has got to be the reason for the shortages. They wanted production of this to ramp up, and slowed down production of the old ones.

Slient Knight 93033d ago

makes sense like Sony did with the "fat" ps3's clear out the old and in with new, hopefully slight price cut can happen.

techie3033d ago

It will, just depends on when.

DarkTower8053033d ago

Whatever they do, they just better make sure there are ample PS3s on the market when GT5 launches.

gtamike1233033d ago

Sony will make alot of money when GT5 comes out thats for sure.

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