1UP Video: Rating the Big 3 E3 press conferences

The guys chat about who had the best conference at E3 this year. This video comes via

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Violater3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

sucking MS and [email protected] @[email protected] as usual and when she couldn't take it anymore admits she has to buy a PS3.

Captain Tuttle3880d ago

Kind of bitter, huh? You need to get out more. I thought they made some good points. Microsoft definitely played it safe because they could but I'm a little worried about '08. I agree with them in that 2008 is going to be a slugfest between MS and Sony with the Wii selling tons of consoles but losing the hardcore gamer all together.

Violater3880d ago

Bitter would be if slagged the whole crew.
Its just her she is consistently and unreasonably biased.

boi3880d ago

lol shes couldnt back it up and came up with pacman?!?!?! come on maybe say something else instead of pacman lol

anyways good points

both ms and sony did good

Why o why3880d ago

she is halo'ed. She is allowed to be a fanb,, fangirl. They do exist. She really favors ms and thats kool because the whole team aren't so ms orientated which is why they sometimes disagree with each other which is definitely more organic

kingjkv3880d ago

It was good comments from everybody, i believed what they said were true. They didn't really go in depth abput MS games next year. Anybody here know what games are coming for the 360 next year??