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Rumor: Shenmue also coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade?

Over the weekend, a leaked image from Xbox LIVE Arcade's ParnterNet revealed that Dreamcast's Jet Set Radio may on the way to Xbox LIVE Arcade. This morning, the same guy who leaked that image, is leaking yet another which says Shenmue is coming, as well. (Xbox 360)

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N4PS3G  +   1955d ago
:O No Way!
Natsu X FairyTail  +   1955d ago
Man I cant wait to get my hands on all these classic games if they really come ton XBL. I've been dying to play Jet set radio again since i lost all my dreamcast games and only have the console. Shenmue is really great game I've played the 1st one for a while was a kid it was something good.
vulcanproject  +   1955d ago
Although unlike most people here, i probably wouldnt buy it on XBL/PSN i would be chuffed to bits because with a bit of luck, it will devalue the originals somewhat so i can finally grab me a pristine dreamcast copy that i so foolishly sold off several eons ago.

Unless i have miscalculated and it will force up the price even more. It shouldnt really.
Abash  +   1955d ago
Bring on the Dreamcast classics, SEGA. I'll buy them all

Just need Sonic Adventure 2 confirmed and I'll be ecstatic!
darthv72  +   1955d ago
ok..this is a start
if true that is.

I can think of a few other DC games that should get either a psn or xbla remake. Alien front online, outtrigger, daytona usa, the list could go on and on.
duplissi  +   1955d ago
shenmue!!!! hell frickin yeah, the first is the only dreamcast game i got to play all the way through (never had one had to borrow a friends) and i never beat the second one so id love to download it and finally beat it!
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   1955d ago
I still have this game on my DC but it would be a great dl game
That would be cool if its in hd.
siyrobbo  +   1955d ago
RBlaze  +   1955d ago
You are insanely right!

I have been waiting for Chu Chu rocket to debut on arcade for (what feels like) a freaking ice age!

You would think that that game would be so easy to release on both PSN and Live! And there would be loadsa people who would pick it up! Chu Chu and Wetrix would surely both be instant hits!

Shenmue on Arcade.. I would so be there... Racing my forklift truck around!
AAACE5  +   1955d ago
Trying to force it huh?

I posted in that article about Jet set radio and I told people to chant with me saying we want Shen Mue... and now all of a sudden we have this!

I don't know if i'm good at guessing or if I predict alot of stuff. But over the past few years I have noticed when I make a comment, a few days later a rumor is started or something I said actually happens. Is that crazy or what!

I think part of it is I give people good ideas. Maybe I should try to pass that test so I can post news... Naaahh, its more fun to watch the show!
Hellsvacancy  +   1955d ago
As the title sais "also coming to XBL" does that mean its cummin the the PSN?
Fishy Fingers  +   1955d ago
I think the also is because of Jet Set Radio.

Although there we're also rumours of Dreamcast games coming to the PSN. Makes sense to go with both.

Me, I've still got my Dreamcast somewhere, so if I wanted to play Shenmue I'd just bust it out. Great game though.
La Chance  +   1955d ago
No. It means alongside Sonic and Jet Set Radio.

Now lets hope some "Skies of Arcadia" rumor pops up ^^
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ndibu  +   1955d ago
No genius, it's right there in the summary, Jet set radio may be coming to xbox live, and now shenmue may be coming to xbox live as well
Alcon Caper  +   1955d ago
All they need now is Powerstone and Rival Schools!
Bnet343  +   1955d ago
Rival Schools is from Capcom and was on the PS1.
mcgrawgamer  +   1955d ago
and that doesn't mean it CAN'T come to xbl or psn in the future. I mean no one ever thought we'd have marvel vs capcom 2 on psn or xbl and no one believed we'd have a MvC3 announced. to quote Kevin Garnett

Alcon Caper  +   1955d ago
Rival Schools Project Justice then...sheesh
TreMillz  +   1955d ago
Just to clarify a few things...
Yes Rival Schools was a PS1 game, so if it did re-release, it would be a PS Classic. Next, Capcom not to hold your breath with Rival Schools because the IP is out of their hands, because if it was their IP, it would have been a classic from the start. But this is good, just hope this gets to PSN too so my bro won't beg me to play my 360. Why the hell can't he just be like me and own both?!
Demons Souls  +   1955d ago
I find it pretty pointless.
It will sell poorly just like the rest of the Shenmue games anyhow.
SnukaTheMan  +   1955d ago
I say the same thing about the game your named after....
Coincidence ..i think not.
-Alpha  +   1955d ago
Demon's Souls sold exceptionally, the sales were not poor whatsoever.

But the dude is wrong anyway, doesn't matter how much it sells it's pretty much a profit if these games started appearing on XBL.
siyrobbo  +   1955d ago
no doubt they would just run off of a dreamcast emulator with only a bit of tweaking to make it run optimally. Thats what they did with the mega drive ports.
ClownBelt  +   1955d ago
This game is only for the dedicated followers and there are few of them.
ps3rulz  +   1955d ago
Im one of them
I love shenmue, hope it comes out on psn too.
If not, iv got both of the games on my dreamcast with a vga box.
Good times.
Elven6  +   1955d ago
If on XBLA the cost to entry for millions of people would be low assuming they take advantage, if anything this would only introduce the game to new people with the demo and such.
STICKzophrenic  +   1955d ago
Few? It seems all gamers on the internet want Shenmue. That's a lot of people!
duplissi  +   1955d ago
you have no idea what your missing out on dude.......
corneliuscrust  +   1955d ago
Why does everyone think
that their own experience makes up the entirety of reality?

Open your eyes, lots of gamers want Shenmue. It has increased GREATLY in popularity since its lackluster release. (as most cult classics tend to do)

Def tossin it back in the ol DC when i get home.
GenghisKhan  +   1955d ago
yakuza 3
is 10 times better than this
Rikitatsu  +   1955d ago
You must have not played Shenmue.
Demons Souls  +   1955d ago
I've played Shenmue 1 & 2 and he's right.
Yakuza 3 is better than Shenmue. After all, Yakuza is the spiritual successor of Shenmue so Shenmue isn't needed anymore.
user9422077  +   1955d ago
Shenmue also coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade?
No it will not.
Cajun Chicken  +   1955d ago
You see, this is getting really odd now. Wasn't that leaked document of Sony's about bringing DC games to PSN. Obviously, if all this is true, maybe Sony outed that offer, which in my opinion, is very stupid as I'd love to play Jet Set Radio and a few other DC classics and it opens doors for Capcom to FREAKING RE-RELEASE POWERSTONE 2!!!
gillri  +   1955d ago
wow after 20 uyears of gaming shenmue is in my top 3 games of all time, please releease it!!
-MD-  +   1955d ago
Is Shenmue any good these days or is it purely for nostalgia? I've never played it.
Fishy Fingers  +   1955d ago
Bit of both I guess, like most things, when you go back, time generally hasnt been too kind.

All depends on graphics I suppose, because if you can stomach the out dated visuals, Shenmue is still a gem of a game.
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La Chance  +   1955d ago
I played Shenmue 2 on the Xbox something like 3 years ago, that means this gen and I was blown away.

So I guess for any normal gamer the Shenmue series even with the outdated graphics ( it looks like a very good xbox game, so it isnt that "outdated" if you know what I mean) still is a must play even today.
OpenGL  +   1955d ago
@ 9.1
You're nuts; Shenmue on a Dreamcast with a VGA box looks fantastic in 480p considering how old the game is. It looks better than any PS2 that was out at the time.
Fishy Fingers  +   1955d ago
Yes it looked fantastic at the time, but by today's standard, the standard which belittles all but the most cutting edge visuals, it is out dated.

"out dated" is in no way meant to be disrespectful.
KiRBY3000  +   1955d ago
play it if you get the chance to, you wont regret it.

to this day, i have yet to find to find a game that "wow'ed" me like Shenmue did, graphics or gameplay. it might just be one of the greatest game of all time. a true gem, overlooked by the people who judge the game by its "weak" commercial success but loved forever by the people who had the chance to experienced it.
Redempteur  +   1955d ago
When i played shenmue , i have to agree that the time outside changed ..the only thing that could have moved me from my spot was , hunger, sleep or changing the disc in the console ...

Great times ...

but i'm not excited by this game coming to XLA at all ... after all i still have a working dreamcast and my original discs ...
siyrobbo  +   1955d ago
i remember being blown away when i first played this game. Ryu picked up a collectible from a vending machine, i was amazed that each of his fingers were animated seperatley and that it actually looked like he was picking it up as apposed to what i was used to with the PS1

Apart of me died when sega gave up on the dreamcast, i never did
Meryl  +   1955d ago
lol my nephew who is a bot (unfortunately) thinks DC games won't be coming to PS3 at all, I can't wait to rub it inhis face when it finally does come to PSN, and then skips x360, because we all know how it would RROD trying to play Shemnue
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1955d ago
Butthurt much? here is some ointment for that sore ass http://www.clear-hemorrhoid...
Demons Souls  +   1955d ago
Stop spamming. Nobody wants to buy any of your ass cream.
Meryl  +   1955d ago
aww look I have my own stalker jason 360 who likes to follow me everywhere.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   1954d ago
I have no idea what 1000th droid account you are and FYI I just got back from a month long vacation.

dee dee dee
GiantEnemyCrab  +   1955d ago
If this is true that would be fantastic!

Still play my Dreamcast on occasion for this game, Power Stone and Crazy Taxi.
galgor  +   1955d ago
jesus...big E3 announcement anyone?! "Classic Dreamcast games coming exclusivly to XBLA"
Lucreto  +   1955d ago
It is just a rumour. E3 is on the way and we will here a lot of these. If you remember last year all the mad rumours like for example MGS4 confirmed for 360, Kojima makes an exclusive 360 game ete.

We can hope but it is like the leaked document from Sega saying Sony has first choice of deamcast games. I don't believe this and I don't believe the document.
siyrobbo  +   1955d ago
I dont want these to be exclusive to any platform, they need to be as successful as possible so that they bring out more

Also why stop at dreamcast games, there are so many older PC games which could be ported to LIVE arcade
corneliuscrust  +   1955d ago
If MS locked this one up
it would be a HUGE motivator to pick up cheap 360s.

Never know with ol money bags
TreMillz  +   1955d ago
I dont know about being exclusive...
I'm sure Sega would benefit both consoles and after all the leaked Sega document showed Sony would pick out the titles they want exclusive, but if anything Sega wouldn't let the AAA games be exclusive. Also to those saying the document was fake, take note that the document said the meeting was held in August and many of those things listed did become true, ex; the sega roster racing game(Sonic and Sega All Star Racing) a Bayonetta Demo and figurine, a spring release for Move and GT5, both were originally dated for spring but got pushed back, PSN premium(we know its coming) and PS2 games online(will come when PS2 stops production). But even if the Dreamcast deal didn't fall through as planned, I can still play it on my 360 or PS3 so I'm good. Hope the rest of you are as well.
Irishrocket69  +   1955d ago
How nice it would be to not have to switch disks! I only wonder how they will do the passport, and if the arcade will still be included. Hope this is true!!
AliTheBrit19  +   1955d ago
I hope Jet Set Radio comes, I remember playing that game as a kid.
DarkSniper  +   1955d ago
In Dark Sniper's personal opinion, Shenmue holds to this day as the greatest video game that was ever made.

The effort that Yu Suzuki brought in this title has spawned the core inspiration to many of the games that we play today. When Dark Sniper watched his monthly episode of Qore this past month, in the God of War section it had it's own section dedicated to Quick Time Events. It was coined in that exact phrase. It reminded Dark Sniper of where the gaming industry is today in 2010 and the games that paved the way for this. Shenmue is one of them.

As far as the rumor itself. Shenmue should be the only reason why anyone should ever own an Xbox 360. With Shenmue II being exclusive to the original Xbox after the Dreamcast's demise, it's rhetorical to think that Shenmue III would ever go to any other platform other than the Xbox. By Shenmue III not happening, this goes down as one of the biggest mistakes that Microsoft made with the Xbox 360.

As for the game itself. It's highly unlikely that this rumor has any factual evidence. There's no reason to title an Xbox Live Arcade with a name given to the beta of Shenmue some odd 12-15 years ago. Project Berkley also is in the form of a disc you can obtain by purchasing the Japanese version of Virtua Fighter 3.

With Sony excersising the option of Dreamcast games appearing on their platform, there's absolutely no reason why Shenmue would be omitted from their selection. Especially with the recent success to Heavy Rain. Shenmue on the PlayStation Store would be a more suitable and viable option for Sega.

For those who are hopeful, 2010 has spelled the most positive news for Shenmue as opposed to years past. It's getting to a point to where if there is no Shenmue announcement this year of any form, Sega will have a lot of questions to answer.

Either way, this can only be viewed upon as positive news for Shenmue fans across the world, who are longing to finish Ryo Hazuki's quest to avenge his father by defeating and destroying Lan Di.

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Wrathman  +   1955d ago
hahaha lmao @dark sniper. i told ya this would happen with shenmue.if it comes and and stays exclusive..that would be a major MS xbox coup.

for me, shenme is one the greatest games made.its an jrpg that came out of sega and japan that didnt have stupid characters that were asexual and fired magic out of their as$ES.
Fatal Blow  +   1955d ago
I want shenmue 3 sega but am happy with this for now
corneliuscrust  +   1955d ago
yeah that
would pretty much be the best thing that happened this gen, i think i would go into shock
November 9 2004  +   1955d ago
I hope they bring Resident Evil:Code veronica to XBLA.
nilamo  +   1955d ago
**** YES!@! GIVE ME NOW!!@

After this go make shenmue 3 please or else I kill a chicken.
Gago  +   1955d ago
will it be in hd
ask asking, i already have it on DC
Ronster316  +   1955d ago
The greatest game of all time..........................
Coming to a 360 near you?

This is a no brainer if true......... MINUTE one purchase.

Then its time for Master Yu Suzuki to get the wheels in motion and make Shenmue 3, so that us Shenmue fans can finally have closure and find out how this epic tale ends.
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Bush  +   1955d ago
This is great news hopefully they add achievements to these games. But when do the PS3 fans who grew up on the Dreamcast get to enjoy these great games again.
willdigital  +   1955d ago
Jet grind and shenmue
Those were the days when those games came out. I;m glad i still have a dreamcast so I can go back and play them . Many missed out on those games cause they picked the PS2 over the Dreamcast. I'm soo glad i did not. They should also bring out power stone from Capcom. That was a great game too
Whitefox789  +   1954d ago
I'll take it with a grain of salt since its only a rumor.
ThaGeNeCySt  +   1954d ago
I still have both Shenmue's.. I need part 3.. or at least a minigame with a 1 on 1 against Lan Di.

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