How Long Until Co-op Goes Out Of Fashion?

Ben Griffiths from PlatformNation writes: We can be a fickle bunch sometimes, us gamers. No sooner has a new style or game mechanic become all-the-rage than we grow weary of it and start to regard it with the sort of scornful scowl normally reserved for a parent at a birthday party. You know: the kind of goofy dad who needs to drink up and leave so that the rest of us can kick back and start having a good time. Right now, cooperative play is enjoying a certain flavor-of-the-month status and developers are falling over themselves to include it in their games, even to the extent – in some cases – that it takes priority over single-player gameplay in terms of design theory and development time. Not too many complaints have been heard just yet but is it possible that co-op might soon go the way of previous fads like (cover your ears, kids) the dreaded "QTE"?

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NateNater3152d ago (Edited 3152d ago )

Co-op is one of my biggest reasons to play games. It's a shame that offline split screen has been missing from many games these days only to be replaced by online multiplayer. IMHO, split screen is a lot more enjoyable than online multiplayer.

RealityCheck3152d ago

I thought I would like co-op because in theory it mixes the appeal of a story driven playthrough with the multiplayer element of playing with friends.

However what happens is that as a singleplayer, you get to see and experience less. Some of the coop players will get to see things you don't and sometime they'll trigger something ahead of you and you get interrupted in what you are doing and teleported to the next checkpoint or scene.

The games I played coop I ended up replaying them by myself and enjoying them more. Those I played singleplayer first and then played coop afterward, I ended up not feeling "in the game" as much.

I'm all for choices though, so as long as a game is not coop only, I don't see any problem with them throwing this mode in for those that enjoy it.