NDS Preview - 'Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings'

Despite a truly dubious demo, Final Fantasy XII managed to debut to a warm reception worldwide. Ultimately, the Gambit system was at worst non-intrusive, and in terms of story and characters, XII was easily the best the Final Fantasy franchise had seen in years. Fans ate it up and were left wanting more. Square-Enix was happy to oblige ... and this time, without producing a festival of recycled assets like the unfortunate FFX-2. Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is fan service in the best sense of the term, bringing back the XII's core cast for another adventure in the Ivalice setting (now, all games using this setting are branded with the "Ivalice Alliance" logo to help continuity nerds keep track of things)...

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ItsDubC4001d ago

Yet ANOTHER DS game I will have to buy. Now when're we going to get more info on FFIV?

PS360WII4001d ago

Yea for Square Enix and Nintendo friends again ^^

Oh yes I want to get this game, yes I want the FFIV, FFCC, It's a Wonderful World, FFTactics, and specially DQIX! Whew... and that's just the DS