Top 7 Painfully slow beginnings to great games

GamesRadar: Some games kick off with an almighty bang. God of War, for example, let's the dog (the player) see the rabbit (colossus-sized boss) before the pad has even had time to warm in the hands. But not all games commence with such lightning speed and dramatic gusto.

Some games choose to take their time, easing us in gently and deciding to keep their best bits well hidden until many hours have been invested. We're not saying it's a bad thing, it's just that sometimes it can feel a bit... slow. Like painfully slow. These are seven great games that we have enjoyed immensely, despite them taking longer to get going than a bonfire made of snow.

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IrishAssa3127d ago

He's right in some parts. He's right with FFXIII for example. Wrong with Heavy Rain I think, a bit of training and experiance for Heavy Rain's controls are needed before you start taking characters into death battles. Madison even has that dream at the start to let you try the controls under some pressure.

hay3127d ago

While I agree with FF13(C'mon!) and Assassin's Creed 2, Heavy Rain started nicely showing what we should know IMO and Vault 101 was the only thing I liked in Fallout 3... The rest of F3 was just slippery slope.

NateNater3127d ago

I rented Fallout 3 and couldn't even get through the beginning of it. I have yet to play Heavy Rain but it doesn't seem like a game that belongs on the list. I've also heard FFXIII was boring in the beginning too.

Games need more beginning like GoW3.

Alcon Caper3127d ago

That tram sequence...then walking around waiting for that thing to blow up...every time I started that game I would quit immediately.

celldomceen13127d ago

I agree with drummer for some reason i could not really get into fallout 3. Heavy Rain did start slow, but it did so with a reason imo.

Darkstorn3127d ago

They forgot to mention Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the don't even get a gun until like 3 hours into the game (then again, it is survival horror...).

IrishAssa3127d ago

Oh yeah, I bought Kalf life 1 off steam and started playing and stopped a few minutee later because of the opening. still though i'm glad I sat through it a few days later, it's actually a good game

-Alpha3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

I have never minded slow-beginning games. I'm usually too excited to teach myself the gameplay, see the world, etc. than I am about beginning the adventure. As I get settled in, the story begins to unfold and it's very nice that way for me.

Of course, some games do just the opposite like Uncharted 2, but I have no problem with "slow beginnings". I especially would not call them painful. If games were truly painful I'd probably not even play them through.

Montrealien3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

Compared to Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain is sooooo slow to start. Don`t get me wrong, I an enjoying it, but man the begining was boring, lsing the kid in the mall was maybe the most inovative part of that, and I really enjoyed it, but taking care of the kid was notr fun, for me at least.

There is a reason you get the Interactive Drama trophy, because its just that, an interactive drama, and I found out I would rather keep my drama, non interactive.

I got to say, as for Half Life 1, if you played it at the time, it was very good. It really set the tone of Black Messa and it was a great way to test out a brand new 16mb videocard. it was something truly new for a game at the time.

RealityCheck3127d ago

I agree with 1.2 and 1.4, for some reasons I also could not get into Fallout 3, even after the slow beginning.

jamesgtaiv3127d ago

I didnt find it slow at all. It gave players a chance to get to know every character involved and really showed off the control style.

Ocelot5253127d ago

good list

i almost gave up at the G.O.A.T. . good thing I persisted cuz otherwise I would have missed 70 hours of fine gameplay

dc13127d ago

On the contrary, I thought the opening of Fallout 3 was fine and that the Heavy Rain opening was very slow. Let it be known however, ... I loved both games!!
Heavy Rain is a beautifully presented game.

execution173127d ago

why because it freezes on me everytime i load it up :(

dc13127d ago

That sucks man! All firmwares updated? including Heavy Rains update?

xabmol3126d ago

The first play-through is awesome and the beginning is welcome. It sets up the atmosphere very well. It's when you begin your 2nd, 3rd & 4th play-throughs that the beginning becomes painfully slow.

ReBurn3126d ago

If you play through Heavy Rain a second time the first hour or so is pretty painful in terms of the slow pace. The first time through not so much.

At least you have the option to start at pretty much any place you want to. That really helps.

JL3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

I actually have to agree with Heavy Rain. It's even more noticeable on multiple playthroughs. The game is absolutely awesome and probably some of the most brilliant storytelling I've seen in a game (maybe the best this generation for me). However, that beginning is slow. On the first time through it wasn't as bad, cause it let you get to understand the controls and how the game plays, but even then it drug a slight bit. Then on latter playthroughs I was just like "GOD!!!!! let's get through this already". So I can agree with that one. But once it really kicks off, damn does it kick off and is awesome all the way through.
That's EXACTLY what I'm saying. The start was "bearable" in the first play through because you were learning so it moderately distracted you (though it still felt slow). But those multiple plays, it becomes terribly slow.

Batman too I agree with. Was slow and dragging. However Joker made it more bearable. On a second playthrough though I'm sure that would've seemed even slower.

Fallout 3 I remember being slow, but not like badly slow or anything. Of course that could've been because I was playing it only half paying attention as I was taking that time to plot out my character. Then again I guess that says enough. If I can play the beginning of the game without even paying attention, it's gotta be pretty dull lol. Though in the end, it did give me like 100 hours of fun.

Assassin's Creed II I don't really agree with. I'm in fact playing that game right now (well not at this second, but you know). And while yes the start isn't as action-packed as is to come, it didn't seem slow as there was still plenty to do. Even delivering packages and letters, etc afforded me the fun of getting into that freestyle running and enjoying that.

Rumor3126d ago

twilight princess was also slow. and yea ff13 is still kinda slow and im in the 7th chapter :/

ThanatosDMC3126d ago (Edited 3126d ago )

Infamous better be on there. It sucks having a pee shooter at first while almost everyone can kill you due to their numbers and ridiculous accuracy even at long ranges. Anyway, after getting the lightning meteor/ball power... i spammed that sh!t everywhere. Also, too many useless chores.

I disagree with Fallout 3 being slow... at most they gave you 10 minutes of wanting to kill all those people in Vault 101 that's before i learned Butch could become a comrade. I let the radroaches kill his mom then i killed everybody. Fallout 3:GOTY is so awesome. I highly recommend it. Get the GOTY edition though.

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zatrox3127d ago

Persona 4 deserves a spot here.
The beggining was just talking and talking and talking and talking...

KonohagakureFC3127d ago

MGS4 should be here... first off theres the mandatory install... and then like 20 minutes of cutscenes ( you can skip them but then you wont know whats going on )

NateNater3127d ago

I agree. The install for MGS4 was a painful wait and some of the cutscenes went on forever, but I don't think an install counts as an opening to a game. Plus, MGS4 is one of the best PS3 games out there IMO.

Ocelot5253127d ago

then all pC games are on your list + patches

hell, gears of war takes an hour to install on the PC

Inside_out3127d ago (Edited 3127d ago )

So true...first 30 mins had 25 mins of cut scenes not to mention watching snake smoke for 8 mins for the upload...Damn, then it starts for 5 seconds and goes into another cut scene...

...Any upload is brutal for me...have to go make a coffee or something...

Far Cry 2 was one of my favorite games this gen...The beginning gave the player a good sense of the scale of the game BUT it must of been 10 mins of driving along a road...Damn, I want to shoot

My favorite multi-player this gen is Graw 2 on 360...the single player tutorial was one of the worst gaming moments for me...just start the thing already, I'll figure it out....

Finally, any tutorial is brutal if its not in game....

Cheeseknight283127d ago

What about Metal Gear Solid 3? I timed it - it takes about an hour to start the game (Not counting the "grab your backpack" tutorial).

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CDbiggen3127d ago

I dunno about you guys but i think this whole FF13 gets better 20-30 hours through thing is BS. You get to the free roaming part where all you have to look forward too is boring as hell 'go here, kill this' missions. If anything i liked it less and less as i went on.

ThanatosDMC3126d ago

It took me 5 hours of game time to go completely stop wasting my time on it. Also mainly to that crazy girl who thinks it's perfectly normal to see everyone around a kid including his mom to die right in front of him. She had too many screws loose which finally made me decide that the game was completely ridiculous. I traded it for Yakuza 3 which was an epic experience.

BannedForNineYears3127d ago

I don't get how FF13 started off slow. -_-
I beat the game, I'm finishing up the missions.
But I thought it was well paced throughout the whole game.

BeaArthur3127d ago

The combat system holds your hand for too long. I would have liked to get my hands on 3 characters in a party much earlier in the game.

BannedForNineYears3127d ago

That makes it slow..........?
I do think the "Auto Battle" was kinda an odd thing to have, considering it makes manually selecting attacks unnecessary.

BeaArthur3126d ago

I didn't say it was slow, I was just explaining why it's probably on the list.

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