You will never be THIS good at Halo: Reach [VIDEO]

GamesRadar: Watch a Bungie designer dominate at his own game… and then teach you how he did it.

He knows exactly what weapons to use. He knows exactly what class to choose. He knows when to toss a grenade, where to take cover and how to pull of every headshot. The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta doesn't even begin for another week, and this guy is already light years ahead of you.

Why? Because his name is Luke Smith, he's a designer at Bungie and he helped create those weapons, classes and maps. Plus, he's had a lot of practice. Fortunately for the rest of us, this multiplayer master agreed to share his strategies with GamesRadar during a recorded match last week.

Watch, listen and learn:

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Natsu X FairyTail3038d ago

Lol 1st thing he did was die.

NateNater3038d ago

But he still killed the guy he was shooting at :-P

Blaze9293038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

May 3rd! Then we can all spawn on our bro's co-op style

BeaArthur3038d ago

That dude always cracks me up. As for the title, many will be better than that.

creatchee3038d ago

"Professor Smith is in - class is being taught"

LMFAO - I'm using that...

StanLee3038d ago

Just recently repurchased Halo 3: ODST for the beta invitation. I forgot how awesome Firefight was. I hope the game mode returns in Halo Reach. I'm looking forward to the start of the beta next week.

BeaArthur3038d ago

StanLee...hopefully it will return with matchmaking.

EvilBlackCat3038d ago

Halo Reach is looking good and is going to be fun, Mass Effect and God of War both looks Sweet but its not about graphics kids

In my opinion Red Dead Redemption is the GOTY

Inside_out3037d ago

" I better slow down, they told us to take it easy " " pro's " out when the beta gets going...theirs kids that eat and sleep on that game....

Eamon3037d ago

lol Natsu, even though he pretty much died before doing anything, he is actually pretty skilled.

Well, he is a Bungie developer so it would be emabarassing if he wasn't at least that good. I know loads of guys who are at least 10 times better. People who'd probably get the same number of kills in that match he played but with no deaths =P

Corepred43037d ago

i actually think halo is boring. but watching this gameplay its making me want to play it. graphically its only a minor jump but that could be cuz i'm watching it on the computer. What are the guys doing when they kneel down? Is that how you block or what?

Therealspy033037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

how can you say a game that isn't out is goty? how can you say ANY game is goty til the year is over?

@guy above: that's one of the available abilities for your load out. it seems to make you invulnerable to dmg for about 3 seconds. personally, the evade option seems to be the most effective. the flying one appears to really just turn you into an easy target.

DelbertGrady3037d ago

Noticed it's using real light sources. The green from the plasma gun was reflected on surfaces in the game. Awesome stuff. Will make for some moody scenarios. Halo has always had some of the best lighting and it seems like it's not going anywhere :)

Gamerbee3037d ago

PLain. Look at the map design. Wow. Pretty sure I could design that.

Lich1203037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Plain does not Mean poor playability. As an example look at nearly all the Unreal 3 maps. They were lousy with static meshes and clutter and many did not play well.

Im not saying this map is good, Ill determine that when I play it, but don't rule it out just because it looks a little plainer than some other levels.

Edit: Also, does anyone else think that elite dodge ability looks a little OP? In a game where you move as slowly as halo that seems like a huge leg up.

3037d ago
edhe3037d ago

I expect a to-scale render of your map tomorrow night thanks.

Then you can remember they've got a few months of polish ahead for detailing.


Lich1203037d ago


Does that mean you hate nearly every game previous to this console gen? I mean, I just played through Shadow of the Colossus again. That was standard def and ran at like 8 fps in parts. What about Ocarina of Time? Any of the older final fantasies? Any Metal Gear previous to 4?

Or maybe you just hate halo and think you're funny? Regardless, no one wants you here. But given that you're trolling on the internet you're probably used to that sort of reception eh?

3037d ago
Lich1203037d ago

I think you missed my point that good graphics doesnt mean amazing gameplay or vise versa.

Also, and I don't really care because Im not saying the PS3 is less powerful that the 360, but what games are 1080p on the PS3. I think GT:5 might be? God of War wasn't, KZ2 wasn't (both were 720p). Also, I don't think you know what AA is because KZ2 did not have 16xAA. It utilized the Quincunx Anti-Aliasing technique, which is comparable to somewhere in between 2xAA and 4xAA with a blurring side affect.

Lich1203037d ago

Welp, now it looks like I was talking to a ghost.

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N4PS3G3038d ago

hahaha Luke Smith is awesome

ASSASSYN 36o3038d ago

I see things I like and things I don't. The armour ability is a grenade death in waiting. I was afraid you could simply wait for someone to get out of it then melee them but it has a field that forces enemies back. It would be nice if that worked with grenades also. I love the elite roll ability. That was sick.

And that level was freaking huge! I love it bungie!!!

TooTall193037d ago

It's more of a defensive last resort, and could be very useful when taking over a territory.

Xi3038d ago

The game looks absolutely awesome.

Luke smith, you ass.

livinwitbias3037d ago

Wouldn't it be nice if someone made a new tribes. I really miss playing that game. I'd have to say tribes 2 was the most fun I have ever had playing a multiplayer game.