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Submitted by drummerx2709 2113d ago | video

You will never be THIS good at Halo: Reach [VIDEO]

GamesRadar: Watch a Bungie designer dominate at his own game… and then teach you how he did it.

He knows exactly what weapons to use. He knows exactly what class to choose. He knows when to toss a grenade, where to take cover and how to pull of every headshot. The Halo: Reach multiplayer beta doesn't even begin for another week, and this guy is already light years ahead of you.

Why? Because his name is Luke Smith, he's a designer at Bungie and he helped create those weapons, classes and maps. Plus, he's had a lot of practice. Fortunately for the rest of us, this multiplayer master agreed to share his strategies with GamesRadar during a recorded match last week.

Watch, listen and learn: (Halo: Reach, Xbox 360)

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Natsu X FairyTail  +   2113d ago
Lol 1st thing he did was die.
drummerx2709  +   2113d ago
But he still killed the guy he was shooting at :-P
Blaze929  +   2113d ago
May 3rd! Then we can all spawn on our bro's co-op style

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BeaArthur  +   2113d ago
That dude always cracks me up. As for the title, many will be better than that.
creatchee  +   2113d ago
"Professor Smith is in - class is being taught"

LMFAO - I'm using that...
StanLee  +   2113d ago
Just recently repurchased Halo 3: ODST for the beta invitation. I forgot how awesome Firefight was. I hope the game mode returns in Halo Reach. I'm looking forward to the start of the beta next week.
BeaArthur  +   2113d ago
StanLee...hopefully it will return with matchmaking.
EvilBlackCat  +   2113d ago
Halo Reach is looking good and is going to be fun, Mass Effect and God of War both looks Sweet but its not about graphics kids

In my opinion Red Dead Redemption is the GOTY
Inside_out  +   2113d ago
..that guy's a comedian...
" I better slow down, they told us to take it easy " " pro's " out when the beta gets going...theirs kids that eat and sleep on that game....
Eamon  +   2113d ago
lol Natsu, even though he pretty much died before doing anything, he is actually pretty skilled.

Well, he is a Bungie developer so it would be emabarassing if he wasn't at least that good. I know loads of guys who are at least 10 times better. People who'd probably get the same number of kills in that match he played but with no deaths =P
Corepred4  +   2113d ago
i actually think halo is boring. but watching this gameplay its making me want to play it. graphically its only a minor jump but that could be cuz i'm watching it on the computer. What are the guys doing when they kneel down? Is that how you block or what?
Therealspy03  +   2113d ago
how can you say a game that isn't out is goty? how can you say ANY game is goty til the year is over?

@guy above: that's one of the available abilities for your load out. it seems to make you invulnerable to dmg for about 3 seconds. personally, the evade option seems to be the most effective. the flying one appears to really just turn you into an easy target.
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DelbertGrady  +   2113d ago
Noticed it's using real light sources. The green from the plasma gun was reflected on surfaces in the game. Awesome stuff. Will make for some moody scenarios. Halo has always had some of the best lighting and it seems like it's not going anywhere :)
Gamerbee  +   2113d ago
This game looks so
PLain. Look at the map design. Wow. Pretty sure I could design that.
Lich120  +   2113d ago
Plain does not Mean poor playability. As an example look at nearly all the Unreal 3 maps. They were lousy with static meshes and clutter and many did not play well.

Im not saying this map is good, Ill determine that when I play it, but don't rule it out just because it looks a little plainer than some other levels.

Edit: Also, does anyone else think that elite dodge ability looks a little OP? In a game where you move as slowly as halo that seems like a huge leg up.
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GAYLO 4 540p 20fps   2113d ago | Spam
edhe  +   2113d ago
I expect a to-scale render of your map tomorrow night thanks.

Then you can remember they've got a few months of polish ahead for detailing.

Lich120  +   2113d ago

Does that mean you hate nearly every game previous to this console gen? I mean, I just played through Shadow of the Colossus again. That was standard def and ran at like 8 fps in parts. What about Ocarina of Time? Any of the older final fantasies? Any Metal Gear previous to 4?

Or maybe you just hate halo and think you're funny? Regardless, no one wants you here. But given that you're trolling on the internet you're probably used to that sort of reception eh?
GAYLO 4 540p 20fps   2113d ago | Spam
Lich120  +   2113d ago
I think you missed my point that good graphics doesnt mean amazing gameplay or vise versa.

Also, and I don't really care because Im not saying the PS3 is less powerful that the 360, but what games are 1080p on the PS3. I think GT:5 might be? God of War wasn't, KZ2 wasn't (both were 720p). Also, I don't think you know what AA is because KZ2 did not have 16xAA. It utilized the Quincunx Anti-Aliasing technique, which is comparable to somewhere in between 2xAA and 4xAA with a blurring side affect.
Lich120  +   2112d ago
Welp, now it looks like I was talking to a ghost.
N4PS3G  +   2113d ago
hahaha Luke Smith is awesome
ASSASSYN 36o  +   2113d ago
I see things I like and things I don't. The armour ability is a grenade death in waiting. I was afraid you could simply wait for someone to get out of it then melee them but it has a field that forces enemies back. It would be nice if that worked with grenades also. I love the elite roll ability. That was sick.

And that level was freaking huge! I love it bungie!!!
TooTall19  +   2112d ago
Most devs say the force armor ability works really well
It's more of a defensive last resort, and could be very useful when taking over a territory.
Xi  +   2113d ago
this is the closest thing we'll ever get to a proper tribes 2 remake.
The game looks absolutely awesome.

Luke smith, you ass.
livinwitbias  +   2113d ago
So True
Wouldn't it be nice if someone made a new tribes. I really miss playing that game. I'd have to say tribes 2 was the most fun I have ever had playing a multiplayer game.
DoctorXpro  +   2113d ago
1:38 nice move
Fishy Fingers  +   2113d ago
Give it time, there will be people out there who'd beat him. Never underestimate the die-hard.
-MD-  +   2113d ago
Wow Reach looks like a blast. Loving that dodge too.
silvacrest  +   2113d ago
looks decent, might grab a 360 with this if i can find decent people to play with, hopefully another 360 price cut comes along
TooTall19  +   2112d ago
Or just find some1 to play online splitscreen with
It's a blast when you and a buddy next to you are kicking ass online.
likedamaster  +   2113d ago
I could take him.
twintipskis34  +   2113d ago
no kidding dude..this guy is NOT that good, and im being 100% serious. When i read the title and started watching i thought it would ACTUALLY be a pro. I mean, yes he has headshots here and there, but the tracking aiming and the focus rifle aiming was bad. These are the kids i poop on :)

May 3rd.
MiloGarret  +   2113d ago
reading your comment made me sad somehow.
likedamaster  +   2113d ago
To be fair though, he said he was 'taking it easy' so... you never know he might have some skills.
Dnied  +   2113d ago
Definately stoked for this fkin game. Watching this made me wanna play halo 3 again lol

Question though.. I DO like the fact that the covenant now has bullet physics and you need to account for the bulletdrop etc, but why would they completely noobify it by adding a "Ghost Reticle" showing WHERE to aim to counter the bulletdrop etc. isn't that sort of defeating the purpose or the "challenge" that is created?
BlackKnight  +   2113d ago
Actually there is no bullet drop. He was referring to bullet (err plasma travel) that the plasma weapons have since they aren't instantaneous like the human weapons (yes the human weapons aka bullet-based should have travel too). This has been there since Halo 1.

My guess is this ghost crosshair is there to balance the fact that the spartan team wont really need to ever give a lead (unless using the pro pipe or picking up alien weapons) and the elite team is forced to have to learn the skill.

I really don't mind it, the ghost crosshair is erratic because it only calculates instantaneous lead, meaning the moment a spartan turns or stops or jumps that ghost crosshair starts jumping around to where ever the new direction and or speed is going. Its not like its auto aim or anything. I still think using your instinct of where you think the player will be head when you take your shots is better than a noob with a minor aim indication upgrade.
Dnied  +   2113d ago
Ah you're right about the travel vs drop my bad.

Guess it makes sense.. I don't think it'll be a huge issue anyways it was just something I was a little concerned with at first like it would be a massive assist, but to help create a balance and the fact you pointed out, how it would jump around as it's instantaneous makes perfect sense to me.

I have no doubt in Bungie anyways. They know what their fans want and while some changes are being made to the basic formula, the competative nature, online features and game balance is still high on their priority list :D
BlackKnight  +   2113d ago
I'm not worried about the balance at all. Halo has been one of the most balanced games of all time (in part due to no real class/loadout system). I played Halo 1 the most by far and love it the most. Halo 2's MP was pretty good, though it took them a while to get is balanced (plasma rifle+smg duel wield was incredibly overpowered in the beginning)

But like halo 3, it has issues to me like the all-too-useful battle rifle. Halo 3 also had the lame assault rifle, lame pistol, 2 extra and boring grenade types, "equipment" was interesting but not all that well executed. And there was the lack of modern things like sprint or loadouts or selectable spawns. I drifted from halo mp in the middle of Halo 2 and played plenty of the COD series, Crysis, BF series (both BF and bad company), Gears and so on. Played a little Halo 3 MP but didn't hold me for long (love H2, H3 and H3ODST coop though, firefight is awesome too).

Though battlefield does have great vehicle usage, I always hated the "teleporting" in and out of vehicles, breaks the flow and is down right silly at times. Vehicles have been quite amazing in Halo games though under powered in H2 and H3 slightly (or maybe too many on-foot ways to counter?). I'm am liking alot of the changes, alot of Halo 1 gameplay is back with modern twists like loadouts and abilities. And I really REALLY hope for a good and long campaign full of coop goodness.

Woah, quite the rant I just went on. Long time Halo fan, just think the execution hasn't been all there like it was in Halo 1 (yes, films, forge, vast custom game options, matchmaking, etc were great additions and well executed). Just saying core gameplay was pretty damn balanced except for some really bad issues that made the game less than fun at times.
AliTheBrit19  +   2113d ago
You know what

I wont lie, I've done a fair bit of Halo bashing in my time

And for the most part I'm still on that, I still dont think the Halo games produce good campaigns

But my golly gosh, the multiplayer for Reach looks fun as hell.
MiloGarret  +   2113d ago
golly gosh!
Kev2077  +   2113d ago
can someone pm me and tell me why i have problems watching hd videos on my laptop.. the vids seem to be lagging all the time
Therealspy03  +   2113d ago
would need to know a lot more about your lap top. but i can tell you this, google chrome seems to have a choppiness to it's videos while they are still loading. if i wanna watch gametrailers, i have to wait for the video to fully d/l before i can watch the stream. firefox doesn't seem to have that problem.

my first suggestion would be to try a different browser...but i am going on almost no information
MAG_SVER  +   2113d ago
Delusional Droids
WOW, you guys are happy for this. Hey take a look at Unreal Tournament 3, same sh!t from 2007, we are in 2010. Man xbox is still giving last gen games with outdated graphics & environment. Like to think that you were in an arena with sand & dirt, it would be nice if it changed the visibility of the scene, but no just same old crap with the name HALO on it. KZ2 you in the desert & guess what your visibility change depending on the wind & you see the dirt in the air like you would in a desert. Also it looks like they used Hand lotion to put some light shining on certain surfaces.

But man this is what Unreal Tournament 3 had already, nothing NEW & GO LOOK for yourself.. Seriously I will sell my xbox by this summer if I don't see a fckin game at the level of UNCHARTED 1 on PS3, yeah UNCHARTED 1 cause I don't think xbox can do anything higher/better than that, it will crash & even with UNCHARTED 1 I still think that it would still have a lot of issues. Do you know how much screen tear there is in SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION, I rest my case.

...sorry THE TRUTH HURTS ..aka - PSNID-maytryx/GamerTag-maytr1x

I Swear to god if I don't get a game soon that is on par with UNCHARTED 1, with no screen tear .. F U XBOX ..bye bye!!!
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nilamo  +   2113d ago
LOLOLOLLLOLOOL go play your flopzone please

You're calling halo unoriginal??

Uncharted 1 is one of the most uninspiring unoriginal games there are out there, there is absolutely NOTHING that stands out in that game, everything is a rehash even it's overall plot.
cam2030  +   2113d ago
@ nilamo
yeah killzone 2 is better than this crap lol, you should try getting good at kz2. you won't be disappointed LOL
nilamo  +   2113d ago
LOl i've played enough flopzone 2 multiplayer to know that it's NOTHING compared to halo's multi. It's generic unbalanced crap, too easy to pwn newbs. Halo has tons more variety in it's multi.
cam2030  +   2113d ago
@ nilamo
so if you were sooo good at kz2. what was your psn id??
SPACEBALL 1  +   2113d ago
it an absolute joke to even compare kz to halo... kz is the most unbalanced games i have ever played. spawn raping completely ruins kz. if you think firing from the hip takes skill you need to wake up. full of bootsting cheaters and p*ssies that join low ranked matches to feel good about themselves. no one uses mics, but thats par for the course on psn. small, weak, laughable community. kz has done nothing for fps games except show others what not to do.

we all know ps3 kids only look at graphics. no ps3 f@ggots like to bring up that uc2 was the same exact as uc1 (i love uncharted, but its true), and god of war has not changed at all since the first one. just a bunch of biased idiots. ps3 fantards are scumbags of the gaming universe, and this site is proof.
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GAYLO 4 540p 20fps   2113d ago | Spam
condorstrike  +   2113d ago're good.

game looks wicked.
8thnightvolley  +   2113d ago
i am hyped. for this game..
i need to get a new 360 since i gave mine to my brother.. reach is looking so freaking fun.. and i am loving the the evade..
DORMIN  +   2113d ago
This game is looking like a blast, hopefully everything will be balanced accordingly.

Can't wait for the full game! XD
playstation_clan  +   2113d ago
more like
You would never be THIS interested as much as us
TheObserver  +   2113d ago
Multiplayer looks really fun. I am not a fan of Halo, but I can admit this looks very impressive. I have an Xbox Elite, too bad you have to pay to play online on XBOX360. Not that money is the issue with XBOX Live, it is the concept behind paying for what is free elsewhere/ you already paid for. That issue will be another debate for another day.

Looking forward to Single Player/offline CO-Op.
swiftshot93  +   2113d ago
Multiplayer GOTY!
thehitman  +   2113d ago
I got to say
Halo is much more fun to watch when pros play it then actually playing it.
mittwaffen  +   2113d ago
Loooks WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better than Halo 3 Muliplayer - SICK!
Mo0eY  +   2113d ago
Wow, do all Halo guys who are 'good' sound like this douchebag?
kevinx1000  +   2113d ago
odd. droids always seem to be more interested in halo than we are on this site.

Can't wait for next week! Still enjoying halo 3 daily. You just can't get enough of it. No FPS so far got close to halo.
IPlayGames  +   2113d ago
Just when you think your out they pull u back in
Havent had a Xbox since it died trying to get through GTA. This right here just might bring me back.
Tobes  +   2113d ago
Luke Smith is bad at H3. I will almost certainly be better than him at Halo: Reach...
AEtherbane  +   2113d ago
REALLY want to play this game now!
booni3  +   2113d ago
Halo3 MLG Pro  +   2113d ago
Okay first of all, the evade and the game looks INSANELY GOOD AND FUN. Secondly is, I can easily take out this guy. ;)
Lord Vader  +   2113d ago
Ive played Luke on Halo 3, I recorded the vid & made some pics because of his flaming ninja recon armor. He is a very good player, but not as good as these noobs made him look.

The team slayer match I played against him, his team won but not by much. I am definately not the best HaLo MP player, but I definately have friends that would smoke Luke on any given day.
#29.1 (Edited 2113d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
twintipskis34  +   2113d ago
yep i agree
#29.2 (Edited 2113d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DivDee  +   2113d ago
How can anyone like this guy, i'd put my house on him being a complete baby and team mate basher when he is getting beat. I have a friend exactly like him.

Judge a man not by his attitude in victory, but his attitude in failure.
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