Tons of Halo Reach GT videos

Multiple videos from the Halo Reach beta in the "Newest" section of the video list. Brought to you by GameTrailers.

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Natsu X FairyTail2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Beta Invasion Part1.

Good stuff right there. looks like tons of fun. But the video quality is kinda low.

Oh and LMAO check out the Assassination @ 01:01! you can tell he dint know what was coming!

StanLee2946d ago

Looking forward to the beta.


GOTY 2010

Best Shooter 2010

Most sold game 2010

Most played game on XBL 2010+

Most hated game 2010 [ps3 fangirls]



DirtyLary2946d ago

Way to be a hypocrite LEGENDARY PELON !

Redrum0592946d ago

game looks realy good and fun.

@legendary pelon
theres a reason why you only have one bubble

Jedward-2946d ago Show
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Omega42946d ago

Woah there's tons of footage and its just gameplay and no talking, finally.

BeaArthur2946d ago

Actually a lot of sites have posted similar stuff and they are all different. I have probably watched about an hours worth of Beta videos at work today.

Ghostsmoker2946d ago

I think it's the best Halo-Game and one of the funniest shooters in general. It looks like one hell of a ride!

cmrbe2946d ago

I think he meant funnest.

DelbertGrady2946d ago

I think he meant most fun. Is 'funnest' even a word?

R2D22946d ago

I think he ment most bestest game ever.

Ghostsmoker2945d ago

In other words I think that there is no other shooter which brings more fun than Reach.

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BeaArthur2946d ago

The more I see the more I am leaning towards active camo but I will probably switch based on the map and game mode.

Xi2946d ago

Can't wait to see the final build, and play through the campaign. Game is gonna be huge.

Ghostsmoker2946d ago

They said the campaign will be also pretty "open-world". That's awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.