Don't break your iPad, Apple implements lifetime iPad purchase limit

It turns out that Apple is limiting the number of iPads a customer can buy over their lifetime, so if you are planning to destroy it for fun, better think again.

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Pennywise2979d ago

Sounds almost as bad as the Girl Scout cookie sales plan.

IdleLeeSiuLung2979d ago

I fear what would happen if Apple dominated the computing space!

Apple will restrict what software you can run on your computer and restrict how many you are allowed to buy, own and use.

Is Steve Jobs a communist?

RealityCheck2979d ago

@1.2 They say the line between genius and madman is a thin one. I own some Apple products but to be honest Steve seems to be going on both sides of that line. Maybe it's due to all the heavy meds he had to take due to his illnesses.

FarEastOrient2979d ago

I doubt it also, I mean come on that is like saying no to money.. ! ^_^

I myself have 3 iPod Classics, 1 Nano and they are just replacing each other due to storage capacity. If I was limited to 2 I would've been messed up a long time ago.

beardpapa2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

I read somewhere that they're not really limiting it as a lifetime thing but just temporarily because resellers are pricing the product for much more than its msrp due to it being out-of-stock at many places. If you browse some ebay and amazon pages, there were resellers listing the 16gb wifi model for like around $640 before shipping. And clearly some will probably try to sell the US 3g model to make an even bigger buck when the supplies go dry.

You guys remember on the news when the iphone just came out, some lady paid people in line so she could be the first customer. Well, she originally wanted to purchase the whole stock and resale it on ebay to make $$$ but the AT&T guys told her it was limited 1 per customer or something. Vids probably still on youtube but who knows.

Koblec2978d ago

You could always buy one from Amazon or eBay, I don't see how they could prevent you from buying more than 2 from non-Apple stores.

rkimoto2978d ago

No, I think your confusing your terms... If it were communist, every person in the world could be able to buy one, but with delivery times of years not hours/days, made shoddily and there would be great corruption at Apple's upper management levels.

I think that you're looking for the term "Fascist".

SaiyanFury2978d ago

Wow, I knew Apple was totalitarian, but I never expected them to limit individuals with buying Apple's products. What about all those faulty iPods that break down on people? Better not institute that policy for that product either.

Alvadr2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

This has got to be a joke right?

Edit:- No its not a joke.. Just really really bad journalism. Cant believe I just gave this site a hit

IdleLeeSiuLung2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Communism in theory by definition of Karl Marxx is not what I was referring to. I was referring to countries like China/Vietnam that is supposedly communistic (albeit more capitalistic now) is governed by control over their people. That is how most people I meet perceive communism, wetter that is true or not.

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Speed-Racer2979d ago

Maybe they are limiting them for now due to heavy demand.

RonyDean2979d ago

Yeah that's probably it. - Lets hope they ban those stupid kids in the video from ever getting one again tho.

Speed-Racer2979d ago

There are many idiots out there...the jail cells would be full if apple banned stupid ppl for breaking their products.

tdogchristy902979d ago

Give you could go to different stores, go to the same store on different days or just flat out pay in cash.....I don't see how this "life time limit" would stand.

Speed-Racer2979d ago

If they match up your name or credit card number, Im guessing they can track you that way.

mushroomwig2979d ago

A limit due to heavy demand I can understand but two per lifetime? I don't think Apple are that stupid, I mean why the hell would they care if someone buys 4-5?

Captain Tuttle2979d ago

Because some poor slob who makes a couple of bucks above minimum wage told this clown he could only but 2 iPad's in his life all of the sudden it's gospel according to Steve?

Ahhh, the internet strikes again.

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