Haze Eyes-On Impressions

Kotaku just sat through a very impressive demo of Haze gameplay. While the game itself looks amazing, what most blew them away was the revelation that what we had seen and heard about up till today was really only a small portion of the game.

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boi3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

I dotn know about u guys but this to me is not just another has new elements involve...u know before u judge a game its best to just let it be complete and in stores or let the people who plays the game judge it first...thats how Halo was when it started... word spreads...

anyways looking forward to this

rev203901d ago

Awesome, something innovative and different for once in the fps genre not the same old done it all before.

Plus this is all carried over to multiplayer sounds quality especially feigning death and the nectar changing the players perception of war. Really looking forward to this :)

nomad1173901d ago

the little tricks you can do as a rebel ill love that playing dead trick he he he multiplayer is going to be sweet

SuperSaiyan43901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

If this was on 360 only you would be slagging it off and saying its another shooter.

Anyways knowing Ubisoft the 360 version is sure to be the better version when it comes out.

EDIT: Hey Rev all ports to the PS3 from the 360 have been really bad its fact deal with it.

All games are pretty much made on the 360 first since its the leading platform, fact.

Virtua Fighter is a prime example, 360 gets a much better version and it will happen with HAZE as well just you watch.

rev203901d ago

But if you actually bothered to read any of the comments or anything about the game its bringing totally new stuff to the fps genre not just "another shooter"

And its being developed for ps3 just like cod 3 and other games were developed for xbox then where ported over and were crap there is no gurantee it will be better at all on xbox so naive, dont like that fact that recently microsoft are playing 2nds to some of the games do we.

Biphter3901d ago

Are behind Haze. The team that made Timesplitters. These guys love Sony systems. Its not the publisher that determines games primary development system, its the developer. And much like Criterion are doing with Burnout Paradise for EA, These games are being developed PIMARILY on PS3 because the development teams chose to, they prefer the PS3. Its the same the other way around, some developers prefer Xbox 360 so focus primarily on that system for development. The reason why so many ports of late are bad on PS3 is that most of them came out when PS3 didn't even exist, so the lead systems were Xbox 360.

Its really narrow minded and annoying when people go by the publisher as if they make the games. More recognition of developers should be taken. Never judge a game by its publisher, even a game from the same franchise that once was good can become completely rubbish given a developer change. That makes me wonder if Guitar Hero III will be any good now that Harmonix aren't making it anymore...

hazeblaze3901d ago

That's b/c the 360 was the lead platform on those other Ubi ports. The PS3 is the lead platform for Haze and the game is being built around it's architecture and then being ported DOWN to the 360. The PS3 will have the superior version.

The 360 probably won't even support 24 players online! It'll probably be 12-16.

Why o why3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

bet you dont like MGS4 now hmm guess you prefer splinter cell. Nobody will know if its gunna be any good until its released but until then stop the hate. Most ps3 fans would love to play bioshock or mass effect because they look good and spark interest so its just down to tastes. The freight trains a comin...... Deal with that

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