E3: Sony puts on a show

Walking into Sony's press conference was a pleasant stroll compared to E3 '06, when scores of attendees were herded like cattle into the venue about an hour late. And at Sony's E3 Press Conference today, PlayStation Home was once again a centerpiece of the presentation. But Sony's exclusive first and third party games are what took the show. Jack Tretton is quite clear on this early on, stating that today will be all about "games, games and more games". But first, he talks about the new price point for the 60GB PS3, and the new 80GB version of the system...

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boi3901d ago

well now they got the Blu-ray sales where they wanted and new ideas for the sure they will focus on alot of games for us gamers for the ps3 now, I did think that was their plan to begin with from the first place... i mean come on if like they not going to bring out games for the system...its just they were focusing on other things instead mostly on the games msot of the 1st halfs but now they ready to go ge tthe games coming

Ebay3rd3901d ago

Nice to see Sony doing better in public and media's eyes...Keep it up!!!

AnDy FrOm MiAmi3901d ago

I was extremely impress with sony iam jumping out of the crashing plane and into sony, my xbox 360 broke twice!

VaeVictus3901d ago

Sony and MS had very solid shows. I give the edge to Sony b/c of Killzone looking so good, but MS had a very solid show as well. Nintendo basically sucked. Watching their conference was painful. I'd almost prefer a Phantom after watching that trainwreck.

masterg3901d ago

I don't agree.
MS showed some nice stuff sure. But nothing we had not see before.
There was simply no wow factor. No hidden games, no games that looked better than anticipated. Halo single player didn't look as good as I would have thought.

Most of the time they talked numbers. We don't want numbers we want games.

Torch3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

You took the words right outta my mouth. My ultimate impression with MS was that they were "all smoke, and no fire."

Nintendo was mediocre and too kiddie-centric, in my opinion (although I thought that WiiFit was just absolute genius and a must-buy for me)

But, they made me want to go out and buy another PS3! Last night, I DL'd a bunch of those trailers from PSN to share my unattainable enthusiasm with my non-gaming wife - primarily Killzone and MGS4, and watching them in crystal-clear HD looked BETTER than I had remembered them looking from the afternoon.

Even my interested-as-a-corpse wife was floored.

Yeah, Sony: Fantastic job indeed!

Ravenator5293901d ago

IMO, they still didn't give me a reason to buy a PS3 right now.

All of the good games that they previewed are not coming out until next year. And that is without any delays.

So did they really accomplish anything here?

Yes, it was nowhere near the disasterous E3 2006 showing. But IMO this is the show that they needed to have last year, not this year.

Essentially, they are going to miss another holiday season while M$ rolls out with the heavy hitters.

TruthHurts3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

but you sound REALLY foolish.
if you not IMPRESSED, move along.
cause WE all are.

@ravenator (below)
Sonys game arent coming out until 2008? like KZ2 and MGS4?
wow, cling to that.

OK, so `im going to be playing KZ2 in Febuary08 and MGS4 in March08, oh NO.
I guess..... (ALL EXCLUSIVE)
-Heavenly Sword
-Hot Shots Golf 5
-Unreal Tournament 3

won`t be enough to keep me busy for 6months until....

-Little Big Planet
-The Getaway
-Heavy Rain

and whatever AMAZING AAAAAAAAA titles i`ll be playing for this year starting in a few week w/ LAIR so that argument is OVER.


Jeba3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

you sir must live in a cave

same goes to the butt kisser Firstknight

Ravenator5293901d ago

What did you see that I didn't? The two games that recieved the most "coverage" are not coming out until next year.

Almost all of the 3rd party games are either "timed" exclusives or multi-platform.

I didn't say that I wasn't impressed with what I saw, its just that I am still sitting here wondering why I need a PS3 right now?

Wouldn't you think the goal is to try and "sell" consoles this holiday season? Then at the biggest conference in the United States, you focus on two games that come out "after" the holiday season?

Regardless of the other games that were shown, the two biggest games that recieve the most press for Sony right now are Killzone 2 and MGS 4. They steal the thunder from any other game on the PS3 at the moment.

IMO they needed one of those two games to hit stores in November. They could be system sellers. Right now the biggest thing that will sell PS3's this holiday season is the $100 price drop.

People are bashing the M$ conference becasue they didn't focus on games that are coming out "after" the biggest spending time of the year. They focused on reasons to buy a 360 now.

Hey we have Halo 3 coming this September, GTA 4 (with exclusive content) hitting this November, and EA games are going to run a 60 fps on the 360. And Madden hits shelves in August.

For Sony it was hey, we have Killzone 2 coming in 2008. Oh and MGS4 will hit shelves in 2008! And we have some really nice "timed" exlusives as well!

Anyone who owns a 360 won't mind waiting for a timed exlusive because we will have Halo 3, Bioshock, Lost Oddssey, Blue Dragon, Madden, and GTA 4 to play while we wait for the timed exclusives to hit the 360.

Really, how foolish does this sound?

the greatest3901d ago

hey old man get out your mothers crib
go get a job
save up your own money
and stop crying the show it was real good
if a afford a ps3 just say so

Depressed Mode3901d ago

Ravenator529 I agree with you completely. It is all about the games and right now the 360 has them. I will have no problem forking over the money for a PS3 when the games i want start coming out, but it is still far off and to be honest there is not many i am looking forward to so far. I am a RPG fan, so right now the 360 has me covered. Alot of games and too little time.

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