GoldenEye coming to PS3, 360 etc.?

Less exciting news out the way first: Activision has registered a web domain for - suggesting that rumours of the title for its new James Bond title are true.

Now, time for the big stuff: The firm has also registered a site at, hinting that a distant relative to Rare's classic N64 FPS might be on the cards.

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Blaze9292824d ago

Doubt they'd make a website just for an arcade re-release. Maybe the next bond game is a goldeneye sequel...of the sequel.

qface642824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

yeah at this point i don't know why anyone would still believe this golden eye stuff

its one thing for it to come out on the 360 or even the wii but the ps3?

come on now people get it through your heads the original golden eye is never going to be released a crappy remake/sequel probably but the original nope

Hill_billy2823d ago

I decided to pop it back in and give it a go with a buddy and wow, to my surprise the game was not fun at all. Don't get me wrong, the game was a complete blast to play back in the day but playing it today and mentally comparing it to every FPS I have played since then just makes this game sad. Remember it the way it was folks and for get about playing it now a days. Remember it in its glory days.

PlainOldGamer2823d ago

OMFG GOLDEN EYE IS BACK! No I'm just kidding. Sure I played the game a lot, it was a big part of my childhood but I know if i play it again the archaic controls will ruin everything for me. If i really want to play this I'll get it on N64 where it belongs.

vhero2823d ago

goldeneyegame? could be for the game of the new upcoming movie since they are now remaking all the old bond movies.. Instead of the old game remake it would be a brand new game thus a brand new license Rare would have no control nor would nintendo as it would be a brand new game. Nothing to do with the original.

Shepherd 2142823d ago

the guy who wrote this article is horribly misinformed. The last EA James Bond game that was released was From Russia With Love, and that was in 2006.

Then he asks if anyone would want an Goldeneye remade in HD without the original developer, but Perfect Dark was just released on the 360 arcade with Rare Software having anything to do with it, and its awesome.

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Natsu X FairyTail2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

If they make a HD remake of the 1st game on N64 It'll probably be released on XBL just like Perfect Dark because it's a rare game.

PirateThom2824d ago

Irrelevent, because of licences, Rare don't really have a say either way. Nintendo published the original game, and have blocked any attempts at a rerelease previously, while Activision now own the rights to Bond video games and Sony own the rights to the movie licence.

That's why the N64 version will never be re-released.

na-no-nai2824d ago

it cant be the original goldeneye since they havent gone into an agreement with it. might be squel or possibly a new james bond game

seinfan2824d ago

I'd buy it if it were the actual original ported over for XBLA. If it's a remake/sequel, I wouldn't bother with it.

Bilbo652824d ago

I remember a Bond game being hyped because it had the same designer as Goldneye what ever happened to that flop?

washingmachine2824d ago

doubt it would hit psn,but would be great if it did,blah

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The story is too old to be commented.