Hands on with PSP Slim

Following the official unveil of Sony Computer Entertainment's PlayStation Portable redesign yesterday, affectionately (and potentially only temporarily) call PSP Slim, Pocket Gamer went hands-on with the device in the company's private suite.

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Salvadore3904d ago

A well written article.

aiphanes3904d ago

At least Sony made some improvements....I just wish they would have put in 8 GB of flashmemory...but then the device would not have cost $169 to $199

Remember there is a core PSP slim that is $169...the bundle packs are $199 each.

I got an old PSP...but i will get the new one for christmas...

samsneed2113904d ago

"In short, you'll get the same amount of battery life out of PSP Slim as an original." WTF?! I thought they were improving on the battery life in this new PSP revision. JUNK! Sorry ass Sony. Battery life sucked ass on the present PSP's. Why are they doing the same with this one as well?