StarCraft 2 Patch 10 Rushed In

Right after Patch 9, with the new Achievements and Map Editor for StarCraft II, one small and one massive bug appeared.

The small one just moved certain Zerg units to their original Hatchery's rally point (rather than the Hatchery of which where they were actually made.

The big things was letting Larva die after their unit production was canceled. Might sound small, but it allowed for a pretty heavy exploit, ruining the game for a few days until Patch 10 could arrive!

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Cogo3151d ago

Hehe, irony.

They nerfed Zerg in Patch 9 and end up with an overpowered swarm :)

Leord3151d ago

Poetic justice?

Well, up until now, when that little exploit was fixed :)

King Klear3151d ago

They could just remove the spawn larva ability and leave this exploit be... maybe make a "larvae don't die when cancelled" upgrade.. but I guess that would be unnecessarily complicated

JonahNL3151d ago

The Swarm never stops evolving, so be careful when nerfing the Zerg. :P

King Klear3151d ago

Hehe.. like I care about multiplayer now that the editor is out =)

UIOP3151d ago

I agree. The editor patch was all i cared about ;P

Leord3151d ago

They sure are quick when they need to be.

Terrice3151d ago

I think Blizzard is usually pretty good at fixing game-breaking bugs as quickly as possible. I noticed this with War3 as well...

Terrice3151d ago

I'm surprised the larva bug made it through any preliminary testing.

King Klear3151d ago

Well, all the many people playing beta discovered only now, so I guess we can't blame Blizzard.

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