Breast-heavy Dead Or Alive contains 'beauty', says Tecmo Koei

CVG: We've heard it called fun, naughty and risqué - as well as a few less complimentary words. But never have we witnessed someone label the world of Dead Or Alive: Paradise as "beauty". Until now.

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Anon73492829d ago

I want DFC loli cakes, then I'll pay.

tplarkin72829d ago

There is nothing more beautiful than a woman. This game has scantily clad women and therefore contains beauty. Where am I wrong?

2829d ago
Socomer 19792829d ago

this is a very beautiful game.
art in its finest form.

booni32829d ago

i hate that they still pen DOA on the front of this trash. to add insult to injury, i was watching xplay the other day when they announced a review for "The New Dead or Alive" being a rabbid fan of the exceptional fighter i watched as they reviewed that garbage of a game and awarded it a single star. when are we getting DOA5???

Demons Souls2829d ago

Aside from the lack of nipples.

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