Ace Combat 6 First Impressions

Not missing out on any of the action, Namco Bandai has launched the eagerly anticipated demo for their latest instalment of the hit arcade flight simulator series, Ace Combat 6.

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Bloodmask3935d ago

I haven't downloaded the demo yet. Prolly do it today.

PT Fone Home3935d ago

Had a quick go of the demo this morning before heading to work... graphics are excellent on the aircraft but the city looks very bare, I wasn't really that impressed.

I've never played Ace combat before so not used to the gameplay but it seems easy enough to pick up and play

Balance3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

i downloaded the demo last night and it rocked. i can't wait to play online with 15 other people in a big dog fight. i did notice that about the city when you got below 1000 ft also but remember it is a demo (and a rather small one at 300meg). one thing i have learned about demos is the graphics in them are close but not the same as the game. when the demo for saints row for example came out the graphics were ok but when i bought the game i noticed a HUGE difference. they cut alot of graphic things out of demos to get the size smaller.
Did you happen to fly up in the clouds though, wow awsome realistic cloulds.

I played through the demo 3 or 4 times last night, it was a blast. i had high hopes for this game but alot of fear (any body remember blazing angels that game sucked!) the demo just put this game back on my must have list.

kevoncox3935d ago

The game looks amazing. Dropping to a low altitude kinds of ruins the look though. I have performed a loop under the bridge a flew under it and looped it again. 3 amazing demos came out this week.

I downloaded blu-dragon
and this.
MS confrence sucked but Live is amazing now.

DirtyRat3935d ago

It's like flying an old WW2 bomber, not a Jet which goes twice the speed of just didn't feel thrilling enough, I was quite bored actually, but the GFX are nice.

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