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Manhunt 3 Canceled Before It Even Gets Started

GFB writes: "After speculation about a possible sequel coming out for the Manhunt series, it appears that we have good news and some absolutely heart-breaking news for fans of the series. While Manhunt 3 ideas were being kicked around and going as far as story concepts and art, it appears that Take Two has said no." (Manhunt 2, Manhunt 3, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Orange Juice  +   1611d ago
Its understandable as to why it was turned down, they didnt have an easy time releasing manhunt 2 everywhere. Still, I would like to see a current gen manhunt game, as I actually enjoyed the series a bit. Its a grimy game full of atmosphere and tension made by our friends at rockstar north so its almost impossible not to like to me.
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vgchica  +   1611d ago
Still a bloody downer. Figured it was a long shot, but hate hearing it's dead.
DaTruth  +   1611d ago
The protesters managed to actually kill a game off. Damn they won!
ssipmraw  +   1611d ago
the game could have been amazing, its too bad parents think that people were not murdering other people before the previous two games were released

oh well, Splatterhouse should ease my fix for blood and gore without the moral and ethical issues
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execution17  +   1611d ago
and then
whats this rockstar exclusive going to be :O
Sm0k3y_Bac0n  +   1611d ago
I can imagine a lot of people protesting about this game, none of whom probably have any concept of gaming. The first manhunt was not the reason for the killing of someone. The guy who did it was obviously a nutter with some seriously mental health issues. Manhunt may have inspired him, but if it wasn't a game it would have been something else like a film or book that gave him ideas. Scapegoating at its finest.
YoungKingDoran  +   1610d ago
rockstar does not want to waste money on a next gen (ie. more realistic) manhunt that will have a very difficult time not getting an instant refusal and be banned everywhere. manhunt 2 was a different story- with its older engine, and presumably low dev costs (coming late in the ps2s life, and being no where as large as any of the grand theft autos)
jay2  +   1611d ago
That sucks :(!
no1safe  +   1611d ago
Manhunt was a great game. Sequel - not as good as first one, but still worth playing. But maybe it will just get rescheduled :)
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vgn24  +   1611d ago
Come the F On Take 2. This would sell on the PS3. The Move is super accurate and it wouldn't catch the flak that the Wii did considering most core gamers and casual gamers feel the PS3 gamer is older than the Wii oner (accurate or not).

I was pumped about this one. Epic Letdown
Shnazzyone  +   1611d ago
So much for the most promising exclusive for move.
Now all move has is thier wiisports knockoff and that crap looking fighting game again... o well.
chazjamie  +   1611d ago
i never played any of the games, but i always enjoyed the uk reviews of the game(ps 2 version). It sounded really stealthy, with the emphasis on sound. would of been interesting to see a ps3 version. who knows. i might of bought it
treeson47  +   1611d ago
They better just be putting it on hold, or Rockstar better keep this franchise going
This is the biggest disappointment since Getaway 3 getting cancelled. manhunt 1 was one of the best games i've ever been immersed in, and while 2 wasn't as solid, it was still worth playing through no question. I really hope they don't can this because a next gen manhunt would be glorious. I'd even prefer a PC exclusive so they can bypass all the bullshi# press and make it uncensored like the first. hell i'd even spend money for the direct to drive copy. hopefully this being put on hold is only a sign that rockstar's focusing on other games like max payne 3 and agent. but whenever manhunt 3 comes out, it should be an open world game, non linear gameplay. with a hard main character like cash from the first game, not some schizophrenic that doesn't want to hurt nurses.
DreamRocket  +   1611d ago
Too violent!!
This game is way too violent, combine that with today's cutting edge graphics and it's very apparent as to why they won't be bringing this game out. I mean does anyone remember the very first kill in the first Manhunt, OMG!!? Don't get me wrong, I fully support Rockstar most of the time, love GTA, but sometimes they push evelope in the wrong direction.
BlackTar187  +   1611d ago
Thats why people like you dont buy it
nothing against you but to me you shouldn't be saying like to violent. i want to play it im not f'ed up in the head i live a normal life i have a normal life i can separate between the 2 and i find it offensive when others protest or say they shouldn't make a game because of personal feelings.

Again this is not against you personally but i feel if it doesn't suit you maybe you should steer clear without saying it shouldn't be made.

Now with that said i can see why they may not make it cuz they have to cater to the lowest common denominator which unfortanatley is some extremely retarded kids with no common sense or sign of intelligent reasoning for right and wrong.
TheProfessional  +   1611d ago
This is a tragedy. I thought after all this time we would finally be getting a Manhunt 3 announcement, not an article saying its basically cancelled. This is an excellent series that would truly shine next-gen if it was done right. Like Treeson47 said, the first Manhunt is an all time classic and the second is still legitimate even if it wasn't on the same level. Manhunt 3 has the potential to be the best of the series, especially if its open world Carcer City and they bring back Cash or make some new respectable protagonist.
MK_Red  +   1611d ago
Goddammit. Sure, part 2 sucked badly but the original was really fun, insane and even disturbing in a good way.
pcz  +   1611d ago
Remember that article about stupid gamers?
Well manhunt is a game for stupid gamers. i don't care about that trash, the games industry is better off without it.
AliTheBrit19  +   1611d ago
Manhunt 2 was awful

But man oh man, the original Manhunt was something special.. the feel and atmosphere of that game was incredible

And to this day, Manhunt and Silent Hill 2 are the only two games that managed to scare me, like heart pounding squealing scared!
NYC_Gamer  +   1611d ago
there is room for the Manhunt series those games are just nothing but stupid violence..
NYC_Gamer  +   1611d ago
should of been there is no room :)
Lirky  +   1611d ago
Gives them time to focus on grand theft auto V: vice city.
boxninjah  +   1611d ago
D: nooooooo! Manhunt 1 was a masterpiece of a game! I love how you could hook up your PS2 Mic and yell "hey jackass!" in the game and the AI would respond to you lol. priceless :P But I can see why they cancelled the third because the second one didn't feel all to engaging once you left the psycho ward.

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