Hey Nintendo - We Want to Know Where the F--k Our Game Boy Is

Craig Hasselback writes: "It appears that Nintendo has done a good job of relying on the short-term memory loss of the video game community. While many people enjoy the Nintendo DS, lite, DSi, and subsequent XL editions of Nintendo's portable system, there's one big question - Where the hell is the Game Boy Nintendo?"

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SpoonyRedMage2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

...what a whiny little biatch.

Aphe2854d ago

Yeah he's a bit of a crybaby.

kingdavid2854d ago

And the article is cut off on the side by ads...

Fking fail.

2854d ago
Aphe2854d ago

Only one that's crying is the guy that wrote this article. Nintendo killed off the gameboy, oh boo hoo, what a shame.

kingdavid2854d ago

Keep crying? Do you know how old the gameboy is?????

And considering the amount of people who own a ds now, why would they still keep releasing gameboy games when devs have the best tech available and a large enough target audience.

HolyOrangeCows2854d ago

...and they say Nintendo fanboys don't exist.

it would have been nice to see Nintendo keep their promise. I sure wouldn't mind getting more games on the Gameboy. The GBA Micro is a great little handheld.

Government Cheese2853d ago

Honestly what makes the DS different from the Gameboy? If they called it a gameboy DualScreen it would have been the exact same.

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BattersUp2854d ago

So Nintendo never planned on killing off the GB series? I thought it was like N64 - GameCube - Wii.

BeaRye2854d ago

look at them jumping to the defense of the Big N. I do remember Nintendo Saying the ds was a side project. He called it right.

kingdavid2854d ago

Things change. You're telling me that youve never changed your mind before in your life?

ChickeyCantor2854d ago

What is there to defend?

Nintendo came up with the DS and left it at that.
Thats it, why do you want a gameboy? Either way it would have been like the DS anyway.

They have no reason to make 2 different handhelds, with 2 different gaming libraries.

So what are these "nintendo fans" defending exactly?

jphelps802854d ago

Nintendo sucks anyways. The one very good point is that Nintendo keeps milking naive gamers with the peripherals and hardware "updates".

kingdavid2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Your loss. Games on ds>>> Games on psp.

Alot of awesome games you're missing out on. Unfortunately cant say i disagree with the wii though.

Etseix2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Wow hang on there, no one is talking about the PSP man, chill out :S
and by the way
GOW:CoO + MH United + Metal Gear + FF Crisis Core + Patapon + Loco Roco >>>>>>> all ds games

PeptoBismol2854d ago

how about Nintendo, where are all the good games lately?

kingdavid2854d ago

Galaxy 2 and metroid out in the next 2 months.

hatchimatchi2854d ago

if you're talking about the wii, you have a point. If you're talking about the DS though, you probably don't own one. The DS has one of the best software libraries ever.

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