Sony likely to cut PS3 price again

Games Expo interview - Capcom: Sony likely to cut PS3 price again.

Sony Corp is likely to lower the PlayStation 3 price again by the year-end following this week's $100 cut, a senior executive at Japanese game software maker Capcom Co. Ltd. said. "The number of PS2 users is still growing and a shift to the PS3 is on the back burner"...

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Phantom_Lee3904d ago

who knows...maybe they will just cut it $50..if they can make another $100 I will be really shocked....but I not even sure they will make another or what

jromao3904d ago

$50 or $100 or any value is good, that will bring PS3 price to "democratic" levels, always good for any gamer short of $.

Don't forget Sony gets huge $$ trough games, and we as gamers have yet to prepare pockets for GT5, GTA, Killzone 2, Assassins Creed,....

power of Green 3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

They never cut the price they just phased out the 20

EDIT: @ #2.1 I'm not Dissagreeing with you. I'm going to click agree on your post for the great comment!?.

Corrupt3904d ago

They cut the price on the 60gb version and then introduced the 80gb at the former price of the 60gb

Honeal2g3904d ago

still 499 and 599 thats all that matters not wat u get for it jus tthe fact that those options were there already...but once it hits 399-449...its all mine cannot wait killzone 2 really impressed me surprisingly that and metal gear looks amazin..

Corrupt3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

But do remember, that was the stripped down version of the PS3 without all the bells and whistles and the extra 40gb's. The point is, Sony are lowering it, sure it may still not be low enough for some people, but the point is that they're trying. And I think they deserve credit for that. Even Microsoft deserve credit if they lower their price, even if it is in retaliation. They both will be giving their customers a better deal. Btw, I totally agree with you about Killzone 2 and MGS4. Good times are ahead for all of us.

M1am1U3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Sony is in a really tough spot though. One one hand they need to increase sales. How do you do that? Lower the price. On the other hand, for each dollar the price goes down, they increase their loss on the sale of the console by a dollar. Catch 22. Both MS and Sony have been put in a pinch by the Wii. Nintendo has, in some ways, a technologically inferior console. But all most people see is the price tag, and Nintendo has that market cornered right now. I'm sure Sony didn't plan on needing to have a price cut this early, but their hand may be forced. I think their real issue, like the article said, is getting the 100 million + PS2 owners migrated over to the PS3 platform. In doing that lies their ultimate success IMO.

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nice_cuppa3904d ago

i thought they just gave us a bigger hd for the same money !

mikeslemonade3904d ago

Now if Sony new the PS3 would be this profitable then why wouldn't they just release the system at $500 or lower to begin with. $500 was in my opinion the best price in my opinion to start out.

Tsukasah3904d ago

at the time the cost for the ps3 was around 1000, sony needed to atleast save a bit mroe than half their money :) and really the 360 price and ps3 price isnt that much of a difference now, only 50 bucks, so if people would look at the pricing other than "uh oh 499 thats too much, better get the 360!" when in atleast a few mroe days work or so could pay off that extra 50 bucks you need...

sony is taking advantage of the PS3's price knowing the high demand but people without the money, now that they're able to afford the $100 price drop, things will change, and possibly drop it 50 bucks in around november which would destroy the 360, the wii will still be a fad as well, however isnt super smash bros coming out then? i might get it(w00)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

A new cologne brought to you by Sony

EDIT: Sup Maddens Raiders been a while

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