Games to Watch: Red Dead Redemption

Charles King/DCI writes: "Every gamer has upcoming titles they are excited for, and can't wait for them to be released. That goes with the territory of being a gamer as our wallets get skinner with every passing month. One of the games on my radar is honestly a title I wouldn't think I would be anticipating, and that title is Red Dead Redemption."

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GenerationWinner3103d ago

is this game releasing on the same day as alan wake. not a wise choice from rockstar.

So for us 360 owners which one will you pick up?

for myself Alan Wake all the way. Been waiting for 2 years for this baby.

cpuchess3102d ago

I couldn't care less about Alan Wake....

Hanif-8763102d ago

Are you serious? Red Dead Redemption is a quality game that i can't wait to get my hands on. I really couldn't say the same for Alan Wake never ever even consider buying it.