Films on Xbox 360 threaten DVD rentals

Microsoft is set to launch a service which will let people download films at home via a games console. It would mean movies could be watched at a much cheaper rate than buying or renting the DVDs or videos from high street stores.

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nice_cuppa3846d ago

digital distribution ftw !

closedxxx3845d ago

This friggin' article is over 7 months old. We've already seen this whole thing start to play out. It's definitely not news.

TheSadTruth3845d ago

7/12/2007 = 12/7/2007 in Britain

Bloodmask3846d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Digital distribution is coming quicker than a lot of people think.

By the time HDDVD and Blu ray are done fighting their format war which could take years. It took DVD over decade to fully overtake VHS. Microsoft will have snuck in the back door and won with downloadable content.

rev203845d ago

Why would people pay for downloadable digital content when they can jsut as easily get it for free. I dont think it will take over at all ;)

P4KY B3845d ago

I hear you. I get all my media for 'free'

Some people don't know how to get it for 'free'
But the majority of people still prefer the legal options.

And not having to leave your house, drive to the shop, stand in line then drive home again will appeal to loads of people.

Ravenator5293845d ago

Because not everyone has the ability or wants to go through the effort to illegally download movies to their PC.

Not to mention that also, not everyone wants to sit and watch movies on their PC monitor. The Marketplace service lets you watch movies on your T.V. and in HD quality.

I do believe that digital downloads "can" be the future but they there is a lot that needs to happen first.

rev203845d ago

Not everyone wants to wait hours for a film to download, the size of a file in 1080p full feature length film is gonna be huge and take up alot of hard disk space.

With many people only having 20gb hdd currently in there machine i yet to see how this is even close to taking off at all

fjtorres3845d ago

And they're one of the masterminds behind BD+, the second layer of DRM in Blu-ray disks.
Best guess is that, counting every last PS3 sold, there are about 4 million BD players out there. Credible reports have pegged the movie attach rate for BD players at 1:1 so that means that in a bit over a year, BD had sold $100Million worth of movies (average street price of $25).
Well, MS just announced that Video Markeplace had moved $110 million worth of content in 8 months.
That's comparable to BD and probably more than HD-DVD (their attach rate is much higher but the numbers aren't clear) so at a minimum MS is in the ballpark. Addin whatever Sony does next year and Amazon unbox (available via TiVo STBs) and Netflix and its clear there will be a strong market for online delivery of movies. And remember, guys, online delivery is not just via the internet: proprietary networks count too. So add in the Fios and Uverse VOD systems, plus whatever the cablecos and satellite providers do and the number goes way up.
Online distribution is for real and it really has a chance to win.

closedxxx3845d ago

Well, both media pirates and Xbox Live adopters both have to wait for their media to download.
The HD movies on XBOX LIVE feature much better compression than those found on your common Bittorrent site, and the download times are consistent, and predictable whereas downloading content illegally (for free) can be inconsistent and unreliable since you are dependant on other pcs to upload that data.

If you intend to download an illegal copy of a recent HD movie, prepare to set aside tens of gigs of hard drive space on your pc.

The Xbox Live Marketplace movies run at a clean 720p resolution, and only take up a few gigs of hard disc space.

cuco333845d ago

soon as it starts to download and it has enough to start, the 360 will

every try downloading/watching a movie online? i always thought you had to wait for the whole movie to finish downloading but alas, you dont. took some 2 minutes for an SD movie to pop up and say its ready for viewing and we know 1. it dont take 2 minutes to download a movie on live while my bandwidth was hogged up downloading stuff onto my pc and 2. it takes far longer to drive to the store and back. ps3 will have its own movie download service as well and this is good, so long as any and all movies are shared. i bet youll see sony flicks on 360 since sony profits anyways

win win i guess :0

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tonsoffun3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

Isn't this service available to our American counterparts right now? The only problem I forsee with this is the availability of decent broadband in the UK, while it is on the increase, I doubt most people will want to wait overnight to download an HD movie.

BUT, it might succeed al long as the price is right - over here the going rental rate is around £3.50 for two nights rental: if they can keep the price similar, then it might actually have a decent chance.

Also you need to think about the amount of people that have a 360 in europe, while the number is high, I doubt it compares to the amount of people that rent movies from a rental chain.

And then there is the sods like me that generally like to actualy own the movies - I'd much rather buy the blu ray or HD DVD so i can watch in 1080p whenever I wish.


Can the person who disagreed with me please elbourate WHY they disagree - I want to hear opposing opinions, hell you might even change my mind!

fjtorres3845d ago

As I pointed up above, broadband internet isn't the only way to get video downloads; the cablecos and telcos are moving to a downloadable VOD model to replace the existing VOD tech. So we're not just talking MS vs the world; we're talking MS *and* the world.

Second, even the slowest broadband conections the job. I have cheapie DSL myself (768Kbps) mostly cause except for a couple movie rentals a month I don't really need more bandwidth. What I do is either start a dl when I head for work or when I go to bed. It only takes a couple hours to finish so its not that big a deal.
Also, consider that HD isn't the whole story. While most online SD content (iTunes, cablecos, etc) is "near-DVD" (read: sub-DVD quality) MS SD downloads are often DVD+ quality because of the VC-1 encoding and the built-in scaler in the 360. And those videos are viewable in minutes, not hours.
Is the throughput ideal? Not by a mile.
Is the price a tad high? Yup, by about a buck.
The flipside is convenience, quality, and access to stuff that isn't always available elsewhere.
Some of the Disney/Miramax/Touchstone stuff that just popped up on Live isn't available on BD-Rom at any price...
To see how good these downloads can be, just download the HD version of the Matrix clips on Live.
They're comparable to the HD-DVD releases and better than a significant portion of the BD movies out there.
Its early in the game.
Things will get better.
But its usable today.
Give it a try.
(I'd recommend The Italian Job or Unforgiven...)

30ROCK3845d ago

First off, digital distribution will not be here any time soon as a threat to the physical market. Physical > digital.

This threatening actual physical DVD rentals is stupid.
First off, you need an Xbox 360. Very few will have one, do have one, and the number is even lower in Europe and the "rest of the world" where the global service is going than in the USA. Significantly lower.

DVD rentals - anyone can grab it if they have a DVD player - that's most people in this market.

The precedent is huge. This is like saying Home is a threat to Myspace. It'll never be that big, because it has a PS3 entry fee, while Myspace takes a PC which everyone in that market has.

To conclude, Blu-ray has won, so that war is over. Now it fights DVD. Digital distribution could maybe possibly perhaps be the norm in 15-30 years. It requires the mass market to:
-have an extremely fast, cheap internet connection
-have massive storage for movies
-not want discs anymore
It requires movie studios to:
-find appropriate protection for their movies, on the internet. On Xbox Live, DD won't do jack sh** because of the entry fee I mentioned.

Sorry, not gonna happen. I guess this is all that's left after saying HD-DVD was gonna kill Blu-ray last year. Oh how the tables have irreversibly turned.
From those same people we have the misinformed:
"DD will win!"
"They'll both die lol"
"There's room for both"
"Hybrid players will win!"
"Blu-ray hasn't won"

ITR3845d ago

Your kinda one sided..

So I wouldn't talk about others.

If anything it looks like MS is trying to cozy up to Disney maybe for other content beside DD.
If DD has good servers you can get 250-500k DL streams. If your on invite only torrent sites you can already see 150-250k DL's. Please, don't talk about HD DD content if you've never watched a h.264 encoded movie.

nice_cuppa3845d ago

i could be wrong though !

anybody know ?

Bloodmask3845d ago

You don't have to wait until it's done. It has a buffer so you can start watching as soon as the download reaches a certain percentage of completion.

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