E3 Fallout: Why Nintendo is Winning...

...and what Sony and Microsoft need to do to catch them.

This article at Gameplayer examines the fallout from the Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo press conferences and picks a winner for the year ahead, with detailed reasoning.

"Now that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have put their proverbial cards on the table and revealed their software strategies for the next 12 months, there is a lot of crystal ball-gazing being done to predict where their respective next-generation consoles will go. They are equally intriguing, however, in what they reveal of the strategies that have been employed in the past."

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MyNutsYourChin3934d ago

Interesting read, well thought out article and logical arguments...

Odion3934d ago

I would like to point out that We've seen MS plan for the next 6 months, we haven't seen their 2008 line up

PS360WII3934d ago

yea good read. It'll be intresting to see what all the companies will do to win over the crowd. Ah good old competition ^^

ReconHope3934d ago

good job nintendo. but the wii is just not my thing.

funkysolo3934d ago

I think it's foolish how people keep saying that the wii is winning, I think the wii is expanding the market and most people that buy it are people that never played a console before and the 20 million gamecube owners. It still comes down to the games and I don't see nintendo converting a PS or a 360 owner to just own one system the wii, not going to happen. If you like the wii that's good for you but don't compare to 360 or PS3, they don't have any off the same games, you need to compare it to the PS2 since they have alot of the same games.

calderra3934d ago

Exactly. How many people are going to stop wanting Halo 3 or Metal Gear when they hear about WiiFit? Roughly Zero. Nintendo isn't even competing in the same console race anymore.

witchking3934d ago

... that there are so many positive stories about Nintendo's conference.

WiiFit? You've got to be kidding me. The whole arm-waving thing just isn't doing it for me, and the graphics on these games are hideous. How many umpteen Mario iterations can we have... especially when the story-line is the same every time. Princess Peach gets kidnapped, Mario saves the day. I mean, c'mon already... this is just one of those things I just don't get.

texism3934d ago

The reason you don't understand is cant see past your self. Some people don't care about graphics like you do. The Mario games might have similar storylines but they are always fun to play. To some, it's all about fun.