VGC Review: Cave Story

VGC writes: "Cave Story is a game which celebrates the much-revered era of retro gaming without landing in any of the usual pitfalls of similar games. It doesn't attempt to mimic any particular game, nor does it confront players with antiquated gaming conventions for the sake of being old-school. Instead, what we see here is a truce between the simplicity and style of the old and the game design smarts of the new. In case you're unaware, Cave Story is regarded as perhaps the most popular freeware game of all time. Now, it's available on WiiWare for twelve dollars, with some new additions. I decry the idea of devaluing the fun factor of a game by discussing price point, so I'm going to review Cave Story on its own merits and discuss my feelings on the changes. You can decide whether or not you want to pay for it."

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