Legend of the Galactic Heroes Online - New browser game announced

Today the Japanese developer Gameon published a press release announcing a deal with the editorial giant Tokuma Shoten, paving the way to the development of an online browser game based on the Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu) saga.
Details about the gameplay are unknown, but the press release is explicit in stating that the game will be offered worldwide, and not just in the domestic Japanese market.

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Godmars2903156d ago

Now if only the game is actually good...

Abriael3155d ago

We'll have to see about that, of course, but you never know, it might be :D

Godmars2903155d ago

I just want to know it this thing will be playable on the PS3's browser since the general standard is suppose to include it.

Saeveth3155d ago

Gah. I do not need another huge story to watch...but the game probably won't be as meaningful unless it's watched. Decisions.

Abriael3155d ago

Well, it will take you a few months to watch everything, unless you do a killer marathon :D

Legend of Galactic Heroes is an anime to be savored slowly, it's just that beautiful. I would watch it one or two episodes a day top if I were you. It's not like the game's gonna come out anytime soon anyway :D

ShinGundam3155d ago

It is not TV show, it is the longest OVA series ever around 115 episodes and the most political thing you may ever watch

Abriael3155d ago

I would disagree that it's "political", as it doesn't take a clear political stance. It does speaks of politics, between other things like philosophy, ethics, existentialism, history...
That's what makes the series so deep and interesting.

Godmars2903155d ago

Its pretty much its own anime sub-genera. Is why there are shows like Banner of the Stars and even Capitan Taylor.

Akagi3155d ago

@God: It's Captain Tylor. This is probably my favourite OVA, so this game definitely has me excited.