Joystiq impressions: Halo Wars

In his enthusiastic Halo Wars presentation, game developer Graeme Devine is more than willing to share information with the press. Though most of the knowledge gained by eager listeners was related to science-fiction shenanigans and enormous space hoops, the most important fact given is one that's never directly stated. Mr. Devine, like most of his comrades at Age of Empires developer, Ensemble Studios, is somewhat of a control freak.

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Bloodmask4023d ago

don't see what that has to do with Joystiqs first impression of Halo Wars.

I guess I could be wrong though.

i Shank u4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

Nice to see you got your bubbles back. coolmatrix never has anything to do with sh!t but his PS3 fetish. the real impression i got from the article is that they think ensemble is aiming too low wtf lol. i dun like the quality news that comes from gaming blog.

im still excited about this game; there's alot of units in the books that arent in the games, and theyll prob. make up some new ones too. C&C 3 with a halo mod would be sic, a new game from the ground up sounds even better