E3 2010: What PS3 Gamers Want, But Won't Get

If you are hoping these events will happen at E3 this year, you may be disappointed.

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Hellsvacancy3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Hitman V (i know full well itll b a multiplat title but i care none the least, i just want, BADLY)


captain-obvious3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

anything could happen at E3
who knows half of those thing may actually happen

blitz06233159d ago

Uhh no, I don't want SCC on the PS3.

Lionhead3159d ago

Was expecting Legend of Dragoon 2 lol =(

Noctis Aftermath3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

I disagree with the PSP2, SC:C and insomniac reasons why it won't happen.

PSPGo will have nothing to do with the PSP2, what's more important: sony supporting a over priced more sleek version of the 5 year old PSP or not letting nintendo get the jump on the handheld market?
I still believe, ever since it's release, that the PSPGo was just to test the waters for the PSP2.

SC:C there have been several leaks about it coming to the PS3(from ubisoft employees) and not to long ago ubisoft have said that they "will see" about bringing it to the PS3, only after it caused a stir on the net did they say it's microsoft exclusive.

Now with insomniac, while they have shown some interest in the 360, that alone is not enough to conclude that they will make a game multiplat, other then that they haven't even hinted that they are making a game that can be played on the 360.

WildArmed3159d ago

I agree, Hitman was awesome (the last one, blood money especially!)

I think SC:C and another exclusive insomniac game could easily happen.

But i dont think SC:C going multiplat is anything to brag about @ E3.
there are bigger fish to fry.

We probably will see that exclusive ps3 game from insominiac though.
It's like saying Epic won't do a 360 exclusive game because they like the ps3 too =/

Turion3159d ago

Why would I want SCC? BC (have it already)? I dont play handhelds. I want Jack Trenton to host it as always. GTA 5? GTA 4 left a bad taste in my mouth.

Telling me I want these things, That's mental.

shadow27973159d ago

Insomniac's next game will be PS3 exclusive. I could make up some anonymous source, but that's a little silly. I just think it's common sense. However, I don't think it would be that big of a deal if they did go multiplatform, as long as they keep their quality up.

I would like to see a PSP2, simply because I like new gadgets, but it's not a big deal.

I couldn't care less about the rest, honestly.

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unrealgamer583159d ago

I better [email protected] see resistance 3 or I'm gonna re enact the mw2 airport scene in insomniacs studio.


-Alpha3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Don't hurt me, but I'm not sure what the big deal is with Resistance. I think Resistance is there simply for the co-op now.

I just find that Insomniac should lay off the FPS genre just because I want some more variety from the studios. Guerilla Games, DICE, Infinity Ward, Zipper, Bungie, etc. are all FPS guys and I frankly find them to be enough. Insomniac to me is good, light-hearted fun. I know Ratchet is dead but I am hoping to see a new IP from them. Resistance is just too serious for me and I find the whole game rather boring. It's a good game, but very generic. Alternate World War story full of alien invasions led by a dull, generic bald soldier who has a scruffy voice but doesn't talk much. He is pretty much Cole from inFamous but inFamous retained that spunky attitude of Sly Cooper with its animation and comic book style. Don't take it as an insult, I just think Insomniac can do better. They are much more creative than what they've been doing with Resistance.

Hopefully one of us gets what they want. I know Resistance is loved by many, but I'm personally putting my FPS eggs into the Bungie/Guerilla Games basket.

What I do love from Resistance is the split screen. If they can really push co-op to the next level I think I'll give the franchise a chance, but I'm not counting on Resistance to be a big game for E3. Killzone will get the attention anyway.

WildArmed3159d ago

I think Resistance is a great franchise.
While i do think the second took a turn for the worst.
The intial intro to Resistance universe was great. It has this amazing color platelet that made it really stand out. and the narrative was pretty intriguing too.
Not to mention the split-screen co-op in the game, probably the best split-screen co-op game i own atm.. (FPS wise).
The vechile sections were nicely done, the enemies were varied and so were the locales.
The atmosphere is probably what got me into the universe the most.
And the distinct weaponry available made it was only the icing on the cake.

I am in no way disrespecting your opinion. But Resistance: Fall of Man had the best Single Player for an FPS I've played in year. I still pop the disc in and play co-op with my buds when they come over. (even start a 4 player split screen MP once in awhile).
Ofc, the MP online was not great, but still very enjoyable.. I used to join those custom makes w/ 1 hit kills enabled ^^

On the other hand, Resistance 2 betrayed it's predecessor shamefully. Leaving the narratives behind, the all weapons carry on (which was ok), most disappointingly adopting the CoD4 play style and abandoning all the vechiles sections (which i loved so dearly).

Oh and the color platelet of the second game was sub-par. And so was the story. It was a disappointing sequel but i still loved it compared to most FPSs I play. Co-op was definitely a huge plus towards the franchise though.

Sorry for the massive wall of text.

-Alpha3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

I liked the first one better for sure. Much more original.

Second one, not so much.

And SKV, you really don't have to apologize for having a different opinion than me. I'm not offended by it lol, so don't apologize.

I like Resistance for the co-op. The first one was fun though my friend didn't play it as much which means I never really finished it.

Split screen is fun (for R2 online), but my friend didn't enjoy it as much which means I didn't either-- I enjoyed the MP because of local play. I want to give the game another try but I just don't think it's for me. I think I'll stick to Reach, BC2, and K3. I'm hoping Socom 4 has some split screen online too.

Anyways, I know the Resistance storyline needs to end with #3 but I really hope a new title is announced instead. I want to see something full of life and energy from Insomniac. Ultimately I am hoping for something light-hearted like Ratchet was.

shadow27973159d ago

Well Hale is dead, so Insomniac can go anywhere they want with the next protagonist. Frankly, I find Insomniac's weapon designs quite refreshing for the FPS genre. For a series that's labeled as generic, I think it's one of the least generic shooters out there. R2 was disappointing in almost every way, but it played great. The controls felt right and I had a blast playing the campaign.

Here's hoping R3 combines everything great from the two games and we get the best Resistance game yet.

WildArmed3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

*spoilers of r2*
hale is dead is kinda left up in the air.
Considering the close the game right after the bullets goes through the head.
They could just show hale regen-ing right after wards, we already know that hale probably got head shot multiple times during the game, but his regenerative abilities ftw!

The end was very interesting considering we got 'powers' into this mess.

but I'm more interested between those few years of R2 n R1.
I think there is a story to be told there and R3 might just do that!

And yes, the weapons always stood out from the generic shooters.
I loved played Halo for that reason too, you'd have to spend hours trying to memorize what gun does what and where to find it! lol

I think Insomniac has alot of Life in Resistance.
With the release of R&C last year, it's pretty easily to say that we will see a Resistance this year.
(since they have been switching up w/ them)


The main reason I dont want Insomniac to get into ANOTHER franchise is that they'll have too much under their belt.
The need to stick to their guns and take the criticism to heart.
Bungie, Dice, Guerilla weren't the best when they started, it took effort and I don't want insomniac to limit themselves to great platforms like Rachet. I'd like them to improve in FPS and eventually be able to please FPS fans like you.
The game won't magically improve until you try ^^

Alot of people were also against Uncharted sequel, but ND really kicked it up a notch. I hope to see the same from Insomniacs side. I have alot of faith in them, so i know they'll be able to pull their weight.

lol Alpha, before I started reading your comments on N4G, I wouldn't bother writing a sentence or two in the comments, but now i'mma massive wall master-apprentice ^^
Your habits are very contagious.

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Dylantalon13159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

psp 2 will be announced and the newest insomniac title will be exclusive to the ps3. i also cant wait to see killzone 3 at E3. splinter cell conviction is a good game but it's not needed on the ps3 because it's not a great game. no one really cares about splinter cell conviction other than to say its exclusive on the xbox 360 but its a mediocre title and no where near the quality of majority of the ps3s top exclusives.

Elven63159d ago

A new PSP isn't completly far fetched at all, the 2000 was announced at E3 07 IIRC and released that fall, the 3000 was announced at E3 2008 and released Fall 2008, the Go was announced E3 2009 and released that fall as well.

unrealgamer583159d ago

lol 360 exclusives hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah a

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