Nintendo Life: Game & Watch Donkey Kong Jr. Review

Nintendo Life writes: "The first thing you'll notice about Donkey Kong Jr. Game & Watch is that it's clearly a lot more playable than many of the other Game & Watch releases. Not only are there more ways to do more, but now you have four-way controls, not to mention a jump button. The vine layout is also something that lends itself to increased playability, especially given the fact that you can only hang onto a vine for a limited amount of time, making navigating your way up to the swinging key a bit more tricky. Each time you successfully grab the swinging key, you'll unlock a section of Donkey Kong's cage. Unlock all four sections and you'll earn yourself 20 bonus points. The faster you make it to the key, the more points you'll score each time. Of course you're going to have to watch out for the steady flow of crocodiles and swarming crows that Mario keeps sending your way in order to do so, which is sometimes easier said than done."

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