Sony delivers floppy disk last rites

The days of the 3.5-inch floppy disk are now officially numbered.

Sony, which boasts 70 percent of the anemic market, announced Friday that it would end Japanese sales of the ancient storage medium in March 2011, according to a report in the Mainichi Daily newspaper.

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josh143992918d ago

im sure floppy disks are still commonly used in businesses

Joule2918d ago

People still us floppy's?

Red_Orange_Juice2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

I remember throwing away floppy drive many, many years ago, when most people stil had it, and they were like, where's your 3.5 drive man? :).

thereapersson2918d ago

Floppies can still come in handy. Namely, if you are working with anything BIOS-related, sometimes the only way to back anything up is via the A: drive, or the floppy drive.

bjornbear2918d ago

consider Africa and other parts of the world where they have 1 "net cafe" in town for hundreds if not thousands of people to use...i'm sure in some cases they still use floppies, and others...thats my guess =P

Hill_billy2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

But never use it. I'm married... With Children...


juniordee2918d ago

And we learn how to use floppys. Businesses still use them for BIOS related stuff. Some businesses still use Windows 98, so it's still important to know how to create a 98 boot disk with a floppy.

somesonyguy2918d ago

I laughed so hard @ that I almost got busted @ work for screwin' around on the internet. Don't feel bad, I've a wife and 4 kids....

HolyOrangeCows2918d ago

I remember VHS putting up a heck of a fight...the last shipment was on December 31, 2008.

AuToFiRE2918d ago

nope, its all networked now, no need even for CDs

Anyway, you will be remembered but not missed, especially trying to install some games off of you, 10 floppy disks? come on, it is now time to move on

thereapersson2918d ago

Installing the DooM shareware into my friend's DOS machine from floppy disks. I think there were like nine of them... sh1t took forever to finish!

vhero2918d ago

Most businesses moved onto USB drives from floppy. They have officially stopped making floppy drives now so its obvious the demand for disks would die down eventually. Although you think 12 million is a lot some countrys are slow to move onto new technology like USB.

ProjectVulcan2918d ago

Flash wins, especially USB because most machines have USB beyond ten years back now. This is also not to mention these days encrypted USB flash drives are fairly secure which can be a factor for business use.

tahersaid2918d ago

If you are guessing that we ( Africans ) have one net cafe for thousands of people and make laugh at it, then you don' know anything about this world.

bjornbear2918d ago

didn't know I was that wrong, it was a guess anyway

i used africa as an example, since its a huge continent and I said SOME locations, not everyone damn it! I know that!

I meant to say there are parts of the world that use floppy's because the access to what we take for granted as "old tech" isn't so readily available

i didn't mean to insult anyone

Alvadr2918d ago

I thought they did away with these years ago. Whos still buying them..

They are slow, clunky, noisy, easily breakable and only hold 2megs of data.

TotalPS3Fanboy2917d ago

Floppy Disk is sufficient enough already. LOL.

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Pedobear Rocks2918d ago

from 5 1/4 to 3.5 inch was a freaking miracle.


Ghoul2918d ago

or from datasets (audio cassets) to 5 1/4 :P

Pedobear Rocks2918d ago

my Vic 20 and Sinclair ZX80 both had tape drives...then their was my school computer...a Digital PDP11 that read punch cards.

Good times.

cyborg69712918d ago

Isn't it rites not rights?

Theoneneo812918d ago

seriously 4 comments and no approvals comon :)

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