Joystiq Hands-on: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (single-player)

Joystiq writes: "There were a number of interesting features -- complex characters, a dark, mature story that explored the seedy lives of criminals -- in IO Interactive's original Kane & Lynch, provided you could look past the broken gameplay and the subsequent review scandal. While the franchise's name may be forever tarnished, that hasn't stopped IO from developing a sequel, one that expands upon the best aspects of the original. But, most importantly, does Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days fix the gameplay inherited from its predecessor? Sort of."

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Trexman893158d ago

I never played the first game, but I might give this one a rent.

Kingdom Come3158d ago

The First One was OK, how this will turn out exactly I don't know, can't imagine there'll be a third, I haven't sensed hype for this game at all. Shame.