80° Exclusive E3 Unreal Tournament III Video Interview interviews Epic Games producer Tanya Jessen about Unreal Tournament III. She gives details about the game's expanded single player campaign, the numerous vehicles in the game, and a pair of new game modes. Check out the interview for all of this plus game footage.

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SuperSaiyan43903d ago

To see how the visuals will look ingame, its supposed to look better than Gears Of War from what I read ages ago.

Its good the game isn't coming out this year for the 360 since it has far too many exclusives and top titles this year and couldn't possibly find time to play that and Halo 3, Mass Effect, PGR4, Bioshock, Lost Odessy and even GTA4 lol along with UT3.

Bloodmask3903d ago

I have it on PC. But this one looks awesome. They have really improved the series.

Another plus is that they are adding a single player aspect, which the others didn't have.

I'm definately interested.

sjappie3903d ago

UT sucks, pew, pew, pew,jump,jump,jump,pew,pew.