Reggie Fils Aimee: Video Market Place isn't worth a damn

Reggie Fils Aimee: Video Market Place isn't worth a damn

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Kokoro3901d ago

its still good to have there. People can enjoy their consoles as movie players as well. Look at the PS3 and 360. Both do amzing thing for the movie market.

Polymorfis3901d ago

+ DVD makes sense for the Wii, more so than for any other console. Why?
The Wii is meant to bring the entire family together around this entertaining device. First contact for non gamers would naturally be through DVD, wasn’t this one of the main ideas behind controlling it with a “familiar” remote. Then Mii’s and the other stuff (like wii fit) would then suck them into gaming…

I’m still waiting to by a Wii. As a DVD player my wife (hostile-non-gamer) would accept it in the living room, with the “remote” lying on the living room table even (would never happen with any other gaming controller). I think Nintendo is missing their own point on this one.

Odion3901d ago

wow considering they're the ones moving away from games to make these mass appeal programs he shouldn't be talking

Schmitty073901d ago

Friend codes going away?

drtysouf213901d ago

Sony about the price drop now they are dissing video marketplace.

crck3901d ago

Seems like all they do now is talk trash and toss shovelware at the mindless masses.

ITR3901d ago

They all talk about competition.
It's just the nature of the gaming industry.

Kokoro3901d ago

That they absolutely dont want games console to be used as dvd players. which is wrong. If I wanna watch Hero, I dont have to close this and open this, but use it as both. Now why is it not worth a damn? If you dont have it, dont count the others as crap. Consoles now have become the center of the entertainment in peoples house (well as you like) and movie, music, games, are part of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.