SIXAXIS Rumble Confirmed By SCEA Employee

Today at E3, a SCEA employee confirmed that the Playstation 3 controller SIXAXIS, will now rumble. This comes after the civil suit made by Immersion for the patent found in the Sony controllers.

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mikeslemonade3756d ago

Finally, my controller joysticks have been broken because I play Resistance so much, but i have been holding the off for the rumble controller. Im buying this just like everyone else is and also the Splitfish FX.

ErcsYou3756d ago

frag fx is great. my only complaint is that turning 180 takes a little longer with a mouse...head shots for days though.

Adamalicious3756d ago

Thanks for posting on the Frag FX - I've been wondering about if it's all it's cracked up to be.

nomad1173756d ago

i want to feel the power of rumble again lol

ngoniko3756d ago

it's not rumble it's "touchsense technology" lol

I want to try it out and see how it's different from rumble

Wile3756d ago pretty safe to say rumble is coming to PS3.

SRuN43756d ago

surprised this wasn't mentioned during their press conference today, I guess they're saving it for TGS perhaps?

Marona3756d ago

I think so. While Sony might have a few more surprises this coming TGS, I seriously do hope so(please let there be new XIII & Versus XIII info/videos).

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The story is too old to be commented.