So far, what is confirmed for Socom 4?

This past week, Zipper, the creaters of the Socom franchise, held their first Zipper podcast episode. In this episode a lot of information was talked about regarding the new Socom 4. The main guest of the episode was Travis Steiner, who is the lead game designer for the 4th Socom. Travis confirmed many things that the Socom veterans had been wondering about.

Hit the link to see what is confirmed for single player and multiplayer.

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knight6262981d ago

thats good they listen to the fans

i hope is as good as socom 2 cant wait for this game

Chubear2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

I look at that Sniper: Ghost warrior coming out later this year and THAT was primarily what Socom SP used to be except with the option of using other weapons not just Sniper rifles.

Pls Zipper, I trust you but don't make a - SOCOM: Gears of Uncharted, I beg you.

rob60212979d ago

The bad news is they're trying to make a new unique experience, they didn't want it to be just like confrontation, with confrontation on the market already. Confrontation kind of modeled itself after 1 and 2, albeit unsuccessfully with a lack of polish. Hard to say if Zipper will ace it or not, MAG was pretty good though.

sinncross2979d ago

I just want off-and-online co-op :)

Army_of_Darkness2978d ago

They should of used the uncharted 2 engine.

badz1492978d ago

MP is just a plus for me! always was, always is and always will be!

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Anon73492981d ago

This is the reason why I'm buying the Move.

CyberCam2978d ago

This, along with the fighting game and the ping pong game!

DrWan2981d ago

Please make the MP each round with no respawn allowed much like how Counterstrike was.

I don't like current FPS genre where there is unlimited respawn, it makes the game much less tactical. People don't value their lives.

Can't wait for them to bring back the thrill of Counterstrike-like based gameplay of yesteryear where every single life counts.

Chubear2981d ago

SOCOM offers both respawn and non-respawn modes so no need to worry on that one.

blusoops2980d ago

even Socom Confrontation had no-respawn modes. So no worries there. I must be a noob, but i've never liked that mode. There's even a mode like that in Uncharted 2 MP. Called Elimination. My least favorite mode LOL....yeah i'm a noob!

Dylantalon12981d ago

socom 4 is a sony first party title so i know it will be quality.

knightdarkbox2980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Definately Socom 4 will fail.

No developer has managed to make the good tps of the ps3.

and this crap game Its coming in autumn this year. Sony is dooming it to failure by putting it up against Halo: Reach. Even if Socom 4 is better. Reach will eat it alive commercially .


GenghisKhan2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

nathan drake and his 100 goty awards just said F you

claterz2979d ago

Omg STFU according to you every Ps3 game fails. I'm looking forward to reach coming out, not because I'm getting it, but because it means there is a slight chance you will become addicted and never comment on n4g ever again.

You're the biggest fanboy (or fangirl judging by your pic ) on N4G but all you do is hate on PS3 fanboys, hypocrite much?

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